Kratom - the Holy Grail of RLS?

I know I have experienced that for the first time in my life this year, (I'm in my mid 40's), the ability to sit at rest and to have my RLS symptoms completely - COMPLETELY removed.

After Miripexin, Tramadol, Comedienne, L-Dopa, stopping alcohol/nicotine/caffeine, Magnesium, Potassium and Iron supplements and a variety of home remedies I found Kratom. It is a is a tropical tree in the coffee family that has been used for medicinal purposes:

I am recommending this to everyone/anyone with RLS as to take something that so dramatically removes my RLS and allows me to sit still, (never thought I would be able to do that!), to lie in bed and even though I may not sleep I can rest, (and man that feels amazing), is the most beautiful experience I have had in my life!!

It is not legal everywhere, although it is much much safer than any of the prescription drugs used to treat RLS:

I would recommend reading up on it and trying it for yourselves.

Read, learn, rest!!

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  • the page you linked....think I'll pass, thanks, but all information helps, it's up to the individual to research it and decide for themselves if they want to take it further...

  • Hi Eileenk, what was it you read that made you 'pass' form my reading?

    It is a much safer drug than the Tramadol or Mirapexin that people on here will all be familiar with!

  • Anyone who has it severe would want to try it, Ropinerole makes me sleep, kratom stills the legs but alert, it's a miracle for me

  • Ropinole made me so sick! Meat on saved my life!

  • Hello, I really hope you see this. I have Severe rls and I gave this a shot. It's gone! Seriously, my rls is completely gone with kratom. I for one really hope you try it. It saved my sanity.

  • Please share what brand, dosage, pill or powder how often per day?


  • I use red vein Borneo and find I need about a teaspoon full dissolved in grapefruit juice (using a proper teaspoon measure) twice a night. It only lasts about 4 hours unfortunately. Sometimes I need less - as little as half a teaspoon if my iron levels are high and I’m not withdrawing from taking neupro (I alternate the two every few weeks). At the moment 1 tsp is not enough as I remained on neupro too long and started to augment.

    Sometimes I use it during the day to keep myself awake (its great for that) and then I use green Bali for preference.

  • This has been posted before on the forum, not sure by who. I read the original post and didnt like what i read about this stuff. It would be illegal in the UK anyway.

  • No not illegal in the UK I live in the UK and recieved some of it a month ago. Some info here:

    From my use of it I have found it to be a god send - as said to have for the first time in my life true relief without all the terrible side-effects is amazing.

    The Mirapexin I tried made me want to die and the resulting exacerbation of symptoms has made life more difficult. Wish I had of heard of Kratom first :(

  • Which did you buy? How long did it take to arrive? How did you take it :)

  • I normally get a red veined Borneo and typically take about 5 - 7.5 grams of the stuff once a day at about 6pm, (or maybe 4am if I am woke out of my sleep with the rls.

    In the beginning I would mix it with a little water until I got a paste then add more water and then gulp it down. Then I bought an encapsulating machine from Amazon and take around 15 capsules.

    Sorry but no idea how long it took.

  • Thanks,

  • Hello, I have done a ton of research. I order from a company called Happy Hippo. For rls buy the Bali kratom, it's a red strain. Put it in real warm water. I take two teaspoons about 30 min before bed. It does taste awful, but it works. Hope this helps

  • You can get gelatine capsules and a wee machine to put them together - much more pleasant.

  • I brought the jumbo capsules. Still trying to figure how many grams I'm taking if I take 5 of them.

  • iirc 12 of mine were around 7 or 7.5g. That was using 00 capsules.

  • Still not interested.

  • I'm not trying to force this on you, just trying to foster debate, maybe get others to read and bring some education my way!

    Have you any particular aversion to the Kratom or is it all substances that aren't provided by a DR?

  • Weed isnt legal in the UK which you would of course know. But i have tried it in the past and it didnt help my RLS. So no, not got an aversion to stuff that a doctor wouldnt give. But do have an aversion to that stuff you are taking. I dont like the sound of it, the side effects of it or anything about it. So, for me the debate is over.

  • With the cannabis, did you try differing strains? I have found that some strains do nothing for my RLS while others help a bit, (although none offer complete respite).

    Would like to research into hemp oil but not a good time at present.

    Thanks for your reply btw. What of the side effects did you not like the sound of?

  • CBD oil (hemp — without the THC and also legal) has been a Godsend for me. I take it it help me get back to sleep after being rudely awakened in the middle of the night.

  • We're doesn't relieve RLS, I have taken Mirapex and Clonazepam and Ropinerole, All those knock me out. I can't take them during the day, for DAYTIME RLS this is the only possible relief I have found, Let me know if there is a daytime non drowsy method other than Kratom.

  • Elise I just noticed your post although it's 3 years old. I joined this just to reply and I truly hope you have changed your mind. It's perfectly ok that you don't want to try kratom. I, however, have a huge problem with the comment on "I won't take it if it's not doctor ordered" that's just ignorance on you part, I'm sorry! Please educate yourself on all the drugs "legally" prescribed in this country causing epidemics in today's society. And understanding why pharmaceutical companies push for completely harmless "natural herbs" (kratom) to be illegal. Understand what you are saying before you speak! Thank You! Oh... and by the way just because it's doctor ordered does not mean it will work by any means!!!!!

  • I dont know who you are but go and bother some one else. And re-read what i said 3 years ago for god sake. I tried cannabis and it didnt help my RLS, and definately not from a doctor! SO, i didnt say.... i wont take it if its not ordered by a doctor.. on taking the Kratom. My own choice of not taking it. OK.!!!!!!

  • Noignorance when you refer to the post by Elisse I assume that you are referring to her comment higher up on this thread?

    If so then what she actually said when asked if she has an aversion to all substances that aren't provided by a doctor her response was and I quote "So no not got an aversion to stuff that a doctor wouldn't give "

    Her personal view on Kratom is her own choice

    Please educate yourself on reading members replies correctly

  • You just joined on the 24th. I strongly suggest that you read current posts and not 3 year old posts, and read EVERYTHING and not just pick out the stuff you do not like. We do not deal with rudeness on thios forum. Elisse is one of the people here with lots of RLS knowledge. I manage groups with over 6,000 people off this site. As with everything, there are always at least 2 sides to every subject. I have tried it all, trust me, and have been leading groups for 25 years. i am from the US. Kratom is legal in some states, but only about half of them. But, since this is your first week here, this is not how we talk to other members. There are groups for kratom withdrawal, just like almost anything else. I smoke cannabis, and the right strains can be heaven for some people. but I would never touch kratom for many reasons. I know many people who love it, and also know many people for whom it was disaster. no one thinfg works for everyone. you will get much better responses if you treat fellow members with respect and empathy. I suggest you take it down a notch and show some respect for long time members. what do YOU use for RLS? I can promise you I weill have heard of it, and so will Elisse, and most of this forum. so let's start over, since we are all in the same boat here. attacking people will get you nowhere fast. thanks. calling well respected members or anyone ignorant is a horrible start!

  • noignorance, you said you joined just to reply? suggest you rethink that. this is a SUPPORT group.

  • 'Noignorance' an ironic user name considering what you have written. Read and understand comments properly before you write a reply. It is 'ignorant" to base your whole argument on something you have clearly misread . I suggest you take a little longer reading things in the future. This forum is to give help, advice and support to all of us who suffer with RLS. It is not a place to insult members just because they may hold a different opinion to you. You tell someone you have never met to "educate herself" when you are the person who has made the mistake by not reading what she wrote. If you are really a decent and kind person who had just had a bad day then I am guessing you will want to apologise to Elisse for misquoting her.

  • Which type do you use for rls don't want to feel high just. Help me rest from the rls

  • I have tried several strains and cannot tell the difference in them - I generally go for a Bali one.

    I have never been high on it, (like yourself I don't want to get high I want relief).

    As I have read if you take a small dose it energises, a larger dose sedates. I took about 7.5 grams in a single dose around 6pm so as to let me be as comfortable as possible for as long as possible, (lasted about 6 hrs and the RLS pain was well under control even 10 hours after this but the legs were restless after about 6hrs). I only took the one dose to get over the worst time.

  • Sativa strain is for pain and helps with sleep. I am talking about cannabis.

  • Which type please

  • Me too, the ONLY herbal treatment, lifesaver

  • Has anyone in the UK bought any Kratom since the new travesty of psychoactive substances legislation was introduced? I have some stockpiled and could do with using it at times but am holding on as i fear I'll not be able to get more :(

    For all of us under British rule technically we can no longer drink tea and coffee as they are both psychoactive substances!!!!!

  • As it so happens the reason I'm on this site at all is because I'm currently trying to stop using Kratom (found this thread while researching) and one of the withdrawal symptoms is extreme restlessness. I don't have RLS so I'm just posting this as a warning, Kratom can be extremely addicting and the lack of serious side effects from use make it all the more appealing to continue using. If you're one of those people who can use it only when needed, props to you and shouldn't be a problem. However, if you struggle to use addictive substances sparingly, exercise caution as I can only imagine that since I don't have RLS and am experiencing this much restlessness, it might be quote worse for someone who has the actual condition.

  • Many substances are addictive/habit forming - can I ask was your Kratom use medicinal or recreational? Many have used Kratom to come off stronger opioids:

    Also many of the drugs were use to treat the RLS such as Oxycodone, Methadone and codeine are all much more addictive!

    As you say sensible precautions should be used ALWAYS with any substance.

    Good luck in getting straight

  • Raffs, I concur 100% with you regarding the amazing benefits of Kratom for RLS sufferers. I use between 3 and 8 grams per day. As with any medicine where a tolerance may develop, the smart user will not overindulge to the point where efficacy is thereby compromised. Unlike opioids, Kratom overdose does not risk respiration shutdown, but will likely cause nausea. This plant is easily much safer than commonly prescribed alternatives.

  • Its just a pity the pharmaceutical industry has such control. If people were able to use all the plants that are growing naturally around the globe there'd be a lot less chemical drugs being used.

    Also the poor would save and the rich would loose out a little so naturally it can't be allowed :(

  • I have had RLS as long as I could remember, my father had it and my grandfather had it. Sometimes it get so bad that I put ice packs on my legs to calm my restlessness. I have tried Ropinerole, Neupro and Levidopa. The Levidopa has worked great but i notice a need to up the dosage every so often. I met someone, a nurse who uses Kratom for her RLS. I figured I would give it a try- so far amazing. It has greatly improved my RLS symptoms which were starting to creep back with the Levidopa. I hate having to rely on medication for the rest of my life but sometimes you have to. I feel the pros out way the cons with Kratom, so i will continue to use. Has anyone using Kratom for RLS have to up their dosage after awhile because they started developing a tolerance?

  • When I took it regularly I did have to increase but not really past the 7/8g mark. I've only been using it sporadically this past while, only when I have to go on long car journeys or the like and take the same dose I used to but don't notice its effects as much which I put down to a cross tolerance with Oxycontin.

    Glad to hear of your success, long may it last. What sort of dosage are you using and have you had to increase much?

  • Raffs, can I ask are you using Kratom sparingly because of legality/availability issues or for some other reason?

    I too am delighted to have discovered Kratom. It is the perfect strength to deal - just about - with my rls urge-to-move symptoms.

    Without it, I would be dependent on OxyContin which causes central sleep apnea in me and hugely exacerbates my rls related alerting/insomnia so that I lie awake (happily mellow but it's still no use for normal functioning) literally all night.

    Kratom enables me to limit my use of neupro to intermittent which I hope means it will remain an option for much longer before I augment.

    Fortunately I do not have an addictive personality (although I did fall victim to the compulsive behaviour side effect when in a high dose of pramipexole).

    I do understand that Kratom can induce physical dependency as well as addiction but I have stopped taking it from time to time and find it is a breeze by comparison with stopping OxyContin which is hard - really unpleasant withdrawals. Oxy in turn is a walk in the park to withdraw from by comparison with pramipexole. And what do I notice? Lo, the most difficult drugs to withdraw from were prescribed legally! Why oh why can my Kratom not also be legal in which case I could be certain of dose, quality etc.

  • I use it sparingly as I have reasonable drugs from the Dr at the minute which although don't leave me symptom free - I still have bad sleepless nights often I can cope. If things get worse than usual or I have to go on an outing I would maybe use some.

    However I try not to use it as I don't know if I will be able to get more so need to keep it for when the drugs fail and I am left with nothing for a while, well I'll have the Kratom :)

    Can I ask whats wrong with being dependant on a drug, we have health problems and need them. No one questions a diabetic yet many are insulin or tablet dependent. Many people using BP & Cholesterol drugs are dependent on them to keep their levels normal when maybe lifestyle changes would be enough!

    We are victims of out bodies and as such we should not be made feel more guilt because of the class of drugs that are used to treat the problem.

    People using opioids to control pain should be quite safe from addiction, those using their drugs to medicate boredom or emotional difficulties are more likely to get in trouble.

  • I have absolutely no problem with being dependent on a drug if it is required to treat my condition. What I want to avoid is becoming dependent on something that is more than I need. In other words, I want whatever it is I am dependent on to be the absolute minimum required to treat my condition. And obviously I want to optimise so that whatever drug I end up dependent on is the one that causes least difficulties for me in terms of side-effects, travelling etc.

    Oxycontin causes a pretty miserable time for me in withdrawal - to the extent that in the last few months I deferred stopping the last 5mg pill for a while to put off going through the withdrawals. I don't want to be dependent on a drug just because I don't want to go through the withdrawals.

  • Incidentally I have not had to increase my dose since I started taking it though in fairness I have only been on it for a few months. It is very unpalatable and becomes increasingly so in higher doses which is enough of a disincentive for me.

  • have you tried getting an encapsulating device from Amazon? It can be tedious making them up but at least you don't have the sludge to drunk!

  • I have thought about it but I find that the amount I take is just about bearable dissolved in grapefruit juice. I tried taking a stronger dose for a while because my understanding was that at higher doses Kratom is always sedatory and I thought it might overcome my alerting. Boy was it difficult to get it down at the higher dose. And it didn't really help to get me to go to sleep. So now I continue with the grapefruit juice because I know it will act as a considerable disincentive to increasing the dose if I find I start wanting more of it.

  • I find kratom dissolves quite well and palatable in room temperature almond milk! I add a little raw cacao powder for strong tasting strains and vary strains to avoid tolerances. So far, I only need a 1.25 to 1.5 tsp to achieve 5 hours if blissful sleep and am mostly RLS free as long as I super hydrateby drinking half my body weight in ounces daily.

  • It's funny, I found this trying to find info on the RLS that I experienced while withdrawing from kratom. I'm sure it does help if you don't take it often, but if you take it every day and stop, you will want to saw your arms and legs off at night. I'm not kidding. Luckily, I found that klonopin will relieve that symptom. I actually like kratom, but the side effects can get bad.

  • I'd imagine like any drug constant heavy use will end up with rebound effects. Coming off tramadol the RLS was off the scale! As with aall substances use with caution after education!

  • There is a lot of misinformation out there, so be careful where you get your education from. Some advocacy/anti-pharma groups tell you the withdrawal is like caffeine withdrawal & not a big deal, while it clearly is more than that. It all comes down to if you can stick to using it a few times a week or not. Otherwise, tolerance ramps up pretty quickly with kratom. Heavier use leads to constipation and upper intestinal issues as well, so yes, be careful.

  • That may be, but the side affects i had with everything else i have tried were soooo much worse.

  • So... I came across this post 3 days ago and long story short. I owe you my sanity! Seriously! I gave it a shot and almost cried! I have tried everything out there, and they all make me really sick. It's been 3 days and my rls is totally gone! I can't thank you enough!

  • lol - that was my experience the first time I tried Kratom. I think if it were in a pill form made by Pfizer or Roache then we'd all be in it as would many pain suffers, heroin addicts, alcoholics and many many more. When the monopoly cannot be maintained the substance is demonised - see cannabis.

    I fully believe that if it weren't for Kratom I would have killed myself a few years ago!

  • I live in Thailand where is full of Kratom even if illegal but accessible. I am curious to know how do you take it My mail [deleted for your own security.] Members can private message you on here, should they so wish - Kaarina (volunteer)


  • PM sent

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