Magnesium and Calcium helps with sleep?

I have been diagnosed with RLS and I have been prescribed Ropinerole but I coudn't take them because they contain E172 colour and I am badly allergic to that colour.

I searched the internet to find any alternative that would help me sleep and I have come across that by taking the combination of Magnesium and Calcium could help relieving the symptoms of RLS. It might be a coincidence but since taking that, my RLS is much better. You can buy this vitamine supplement in Boots. During my appointment wiht my neurologist, I did mention the fact that I was taking this supplement and she confirmed that this was a combination that could help RLS.

I have to admit that my RLS is mild but, I am certain that the steps that I have taken have definitely help.

I just thought to pass on this information in case it can help anyone else.

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  • Thanks for posting. I have tried both of those supplements, and for me they didnt work. I know others say it has helped them.... I guess its the usual, what works for one doesnt for some one else... :)

  • It's a shame that it did not work for you. Just a quick question, did you take it long enough? I have been on them for a year now! If your RLS is severe, you might not notice a small improvement?

  • My RLS is severe, if i didnt take any meds, i wouldnt sleep at night and have RLS 24/7. Cant remember how long i tried those supplements for, as it was a while ago. I went 14 months without meds when trying all of them and couldnt tolerate the side effects, during that time i was awake every hour through the night as my RLS was that bad. Maybe it works for you because your RLS is still in the mild stage... I am thankful if that is the word, that i am now sleeping at night, even tho like most of us, there are nights when the RLS seems to override the meds. I am currently taking Pramipexole, a small dose, been taking that med for just over a year now.

  • I'm really sorry to hear that your RLS is that bad. I have had mine since childhood but I'm lucky that it didn't develop to be really bad. I have been prescribed Ropinerole but I don't take them. As soon as I can feel that my RLS kicks off and it is usually at around 8pm when, I'm either tired or when I have been sitting for too long. I normally take paracetamol or cocodamol immediately. If I don't then I won't be able to sleep that night.

    I have bough a large exercising ball and I sit on the ball when watching TV and bounce about. This is my new coping strategy and I do that again, as soon as RLS begins. I'm always on a look out for early signs and I hammer it immediately with my coping strategies. Again, I have mild RLS and I hope to keep it that way!

    Good luck

  • Best of luck to you with what you are doing at the moment. Long may it last. I too was able to cope for the first 20 years!!!! It was only after reaching 60 that my symptoms got drastically worse. Unfortunately for many if not most of us it is a worsening condition as we get older. Hopefully for people who are still young and have mild symptoms there will be a remedy on the horizon.....

  • For what its worth, all the while your RLS is mild, and you are coping by taking what you take and doing what you do, then its wise to stay away from the RLS meds. If your RLS progresses, (which i hope it doesnt ) then is the time to try those meds. Mine has progressed since i retired, unfortunately.

  • I won't touch the Ropinerole, I have not even gone to the chemist with my prescription. Hopefully, I will never have to use them. Fingers crossed

  • We all have different problems..For me, taking Ropinerole was like heaven after many years of "insomnia" which destroyed my marriage and my life. Since then I have changed drugs and am working toward less and less prescription medicine, but I have found a better life, take care what you share...we all sometimes fell bad for having to resort to the drugs.

  • I understand what you're saying but I am not preaching for anyone to drop their med. I have rheumatoid arthritis as well as RLS and I take plenty of drugs and I would be the last person on this planet to advise anyone to drop their medications. What I am writing about are coping mechanisms that can be added on top of prescribed medications, not instead of. Nobody should feel bad about taking prescribed medicines, that's what they are for, to take them in times of need.

    I hope that I have been able to clarify.

  • I take magnesium and theanine and find they help with sleep. I get a better quality of sleep when I take them and wake up feeling more refreshed.

    I read an article that found that although the meds can stop the rls long enough to sleep, they don't improve the sleep. I don't know if this is just for people with hereditary rls and/or plmd but I thought the magnesium might at least address this.

    I still have to take dihydrocodeine.

  • My neurologist knew about that Magnesium and Calcium can help fighting RLS and she agreed that I should continue with this. About the Ropinerole, I don't take them because I don't consider my RLS to be bad enough to take them. I would take them if my RLS was to be become worse though.

  • I don't take dopamine agonists because they make me really aggressive , amongst other things and are contraindicative to other health concerns.

  • Hello

    I have been taking an effective drug, Levocarb, for my RLS in my legs for two years or so. A bit of a shock the last two days when I had rls in my arms for the first time in my life.

    What would cause the increase of rls to my arms?

  • Hi tLims,

    Please see my reply below for you.

  • Hello tLims,

    It looks like this could be due to augmentation. I think that you need to speak to the doctor who has prescribed this for you.

    By the way, when asking a question you could create a post so that everyone can see the question and can Answer it. This would give more exposure than to ask a question just to me personally!!

    If you don't know how to do this let me know.

    Take care

  • Hi Pineapple Head

    I would appreciate some help in navigating this great and helpful advice,

  • Hi

    I am new at this, I would appreciate some help in navigating these great and helpful blogs

  • Hiya tLims, you can create a post only if you are logged in. When logged in, look underneath the title Restless Leg Syndrome at the top, there you will find a coloured bar, kind of kaki colour and on it you will find Questions, Posts, Polls, etc.

    Under these there is a button that you can click which says Create Post. When you click on it, you will need to follow the template, i.e. create a title for your post and type your text in the text box.

    Hope this will help.

  • Hi Pineapple Head

    Interesting title, how did you come up with it?

    thank you for your help in logging in.

  • Hello tLims, I saw the supplement in boots and by chance read the description at the back of the container. It did mention that it helps withthe formal function of muscles and the nervous system. I had an appointment with a neurologist not long after and she confirmed that it was known to be good to fight RLS.

  • I have had RL on and off for 25 years. After two operations fairly close together it became really bad and sleep became very difficult. I visited my doctor and had my iron checked, it was low so I now take iron tablets every day (200mg) this helped but did not stop the RL. I also started taking a daily multivitamin. After searching the internet I thought I would try magnesium oil spray. Since then the symptoms are significantly better, at times disappearing!

  • Hi Robbo. I would love to know why magnesium works for so many people but is not universal. Magnesium never seemed to do the trick for me. I take it for IBS and I believe it helps speed up GI motility but that's about it. Has the magnesium improved any of your other conditions if you have any?

  • Hi Healing Ground, sorry don't know why it works for some and not others. Have you tried the Magnesium oil? I read somewhere that if you have problems absorbing tablets, spray is more effective. When I first started with the oil it really made my skin sting, apparently this is a sign of magnesium deficiency. I continued using it and now feel nothing. I don't really have any other conditions but have read it can help IBS if rubbed on the stomach. Good luck with the RL, it drives me insane!!

  • I will order the magnesium oil. Amazing, you have no other conditions!!! But it sounds like you're a man so that explains a lot. My brain has trouble comprehending primary RLS. Well if the magnesium is ever not enough then there's always bioavailable iron, folate, b12 and all these things must be balanced, cha cha cha. Are you blood type B by any chance? That would explain a lot, to me at least.

  • Hi, no I'm a woman! Although I don't have any other symptoms I have very low white cells and attending the haematologists. All tests are negative thankfully, they don't seem to know what it is. Consequently I am often tired, which I put down to the restless legs. Think it probably is all related in some way. I also believe the importance in the balance of vitamins, minerals etc. I am blood type O. Good luck with the oil, would be interested in whether it works for you or not.

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