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Magnesium deficiency has been implicated with RLS. So, I have taken various supplements, Mg Oil, and all the various types of Mg. Having had leg cramps at night recently I upped my dose. Big mistake - I'm hyper awake! Is there something I'm missing with Mg supplements like additional calcium. Iron has calmed my RLS, but that insomnia persists. Even taking Mg in the AM contributes to awake. I'm guessing it is creating glutamate because I'm not tired during the day even with little sleep at night. The glutamate energizes me day and night.

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  • Hi Dic, I read at one point that magnesium inhibits release of dopamine but is helpful for its synthesis. Maybe try Taurine for sleep after you research. I have also used a transdermal iron patch (which incorporates the ferrous bisglycinate) and that seems to "keep" me asleep longer than the capsule. The capsule has more of an initial punch. Is your insomnia related to falling asleep or staying asleep?

  • It's staying asleep. Slept from 9:30 - 12:30 then wide awake all night till 6AM. It's totally the Mg. I have Ionic Mg that I will try tonight and some MgTaurate on order.

  • Hmmm, maybe skip all mag for one night? Think about that transdermal iron patch. It's called PatchMd Iron Plus. It keeps me asleep. I buy it from a website called "Bonanza." Or you can buy it right from the manufacturer. Oddly it's cheaper on Bonanza. $12 + $3 for shipping - at least in the United States. These patches are widely used by bariatric patients.

  • I see Ebay has it for $15. I think I bought the last three boxes from Bonanza. I wanted to buy six but they only had three available.

  • Dic, this is an incredibly important question because a lot of people with RLS are trying magnesium. I don't have any answers but here is the article I read regarding magnesium inhibiting the release of "striatal" dopamine. The article is one paragraph yet incredibly complex. Note the second to last sentence especially. Even if Magnesium antagonizes the release of dopamine to me that just makes it a great and natural dopamine antagonist which in the long run will make your striatal dopamine receptors grow bigger and stronger. And possibly it won't take that long.

  • Wow. I have Fibromygelia and RLS and insomnia. It's 6am and no sleep. The magnesium has ahead fantastic results on my RLS and nerve pain widely. Had no idea it could cause insomnia! Does anyone have any links to research on this? Had insomnia way before taking magnesium but would really like to learn more about links and the inhibiting of dopamine which can only be a bad thing, right?

  • I take magnesium citrate 200gm and have no issues.

    Magnesium is noted for its effect on insomnia and relaxation.

    I suspect if other things are happening then something else is at fault.

    I would look closely at all your medications and possible food triggers.

    Magnesium aspartate can have quite serious bad effects- so check that is not an ingredient in any magnesium compound you might be taking.


  • Thanks for the comments. I found this article with a link glutamates and Mg,,,

  • My understanding is that many sufferers consider that there is an insomnia dimension to rls in addition to the other symptoms.

    Certainly I find myself frequently wide awake and alert at night time notwithstanding that I have been exhausted all day and also that the more typical crawly and jerky legs symptoms are completely controlled (and yes I have tried iron bisglycinate for help with sleeping and it has not helped me).

    I have recently started taking magnesium but have not found that it has had much impact one way or the other. I tend to take it in the morning just in case it will have an adverse effect on sleep.

    I would be very interested to know what, if anything, others take to assist with insomnia when other rls symptoms are under control. At present, I use cannabis baked into cookies which is VERY effective for me and is the only thing I have found to be effective. The thing is, I don't particularly want to use it all the time and I think it might be responsible for causing occasional panic attacks and anxiety which I never previously suffered from. I would love to have even one other option.

    Previously, I tried taking pregabalin (Lyrica) which I believe others take to overcome nocturnal wakefulness but I found the side effects quite unpleasant.

    Incidentally, opiates can have a significant alerting affect for many people - just to be aware of this, particularly if you are prone to insomnia in any event.

  • You can send me some of those cookies! I was at a party this weekend and tried medical marijuana (as a cigarette) - slept the best I've had in months. I too took Mg (Dr's Best) in the AM - thinking it would be far enough away from sleep - then I upped the dose (to counter leg cramping at night) and took it mid-day. WIRED all night! So, I've discontinued all that and II am trying Ionic Mg at night - easing into it - seems to be working.

  • I would be lost without my cookies! I don't sleep at all. They are so easy to make - one cup of peanut butter, one cup of brown sugar and one egg. Mix together and form into cookies. Then take your cannabis and grind it - I use a pestle and mortar - all the time imagining police in plastic gloves placing it gingerly in an evidence bag for use in my subsequent prosecution! Dust about half a teaspoon of cannabis on top of each cookie - near the middle so it doesn't fall off. Bake for 8 - 10 mins at gas mark 5 (about 180 degrees). Consume one at bedtime and sleep like a baby.

    Do not be lured down the complicated decarboxylation route recommended for cannabis consumption all over the net. It is not necessary. I did this before Christmas and kept a cup of cannabutter in the fridge for a while. On Christmas morning I found my husband preparing to use it to roast the potatoes for Christmas lunch thinking it was goose fat! I almost wish I hadn't intercepted him - a Christmas to remember!

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