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A minor non smoking related victory !!!

Today I walked 3.75miles.The furthest I've walked since my Op 3 weeks ago.Never imagined that walking such a short distance would feel so bloomin brilliant.Well chuffed with myself.

I've also stopped thinking about smoking for most of the time & something that absolutely shocked me today,called in to the local Spar shop to get some juice & a young girl in front of me paid £8.32 for 20 cigs,don't know what kind they were but I nearly fainted.My brand (John Player Special) now cost nearly £7 for 20!!! Holy Moley,you need to take out a second mortgage to afford to smoke.

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Well done honey that is some walk so soon after op!

Yeah my brand was benson and hedges gold nearly ten quid a packet!!! Yikes.



I always remember saying that I would quit smoking if a 20 deck cost more than £5 a pack, then £6, then 7. The cost of them is frightening isn't it?


well done, but don't push yourself too hard.

Did we ever look at the price that were paying for our cigarettes? it was something that we "needed" so we found the money somehow without thinking. Only now that we have stepped away do we rally realize just how much money was actually going up in smoke.


Over 3 miles is a long way after such an op YellowSnowDrop, you've done really well considering it was only 3 weeks aga. You just take it easy and take good care of yourself Missus :-)

The cost of smoking really is unbelievable! I remember when they were only about 86p for 10.... Although when you think about how cheap it was compared to how expensive it is now, there's no comparison when you compare it to the potential cost of your life....

You're doing well H, keep up the good efforts :-)


I always said I would stop when they got to £1 for 20,that was back in the day when patients,were allowed to smoke on the ward.How things have changed.


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