Well here we go!!

Been to see the no smoking lady at the pharmicist today. She said I couldn't have patches cos last time I would take a patch off have a cigarette then put it back on again, don't think that the way they work!! Given me some cool mints so we will see how I do on them. She has suggested that instead of stopping immediately to cut down with the mints over the next two weeks. Has anyone else tried this way? Tomorrow is the day to start cutting down.

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  • Thank you, we can but try. I will come on here if I want a cig and hopefully the craving will have gone by the time I have read through the posts. I think I might get one of those e cigs as it is something in the hand.

  • Hi Simba, best of luck with cutting down and starting your journey to quit. Different methods work for different people, for me it's all or nothing!!! I'm using patches but also have this horrible plastic inhalator to hand in case things get desperate. I have used less and less and somedays not at all... Saying that today's cravings have been particularly difficult. A friend mentioned having a glass of wine and packet of crisp in the sun, I immediately thought chilled glass of white wine and ciggie!!! Haven't been able to remove image from head since!! Still hanging in there... I won't be defeated this time!!!! :-)

  • NO Bella ..nic will not win :) stay strong xx

  • Hi Simba ..well done on deciding to tackle old nic :) as the others have said different methods work for different people. Im more like Bella..in fact have excactly the same 'helpers ' :) :) and Bella my cravings have been bad today..so maybe all this sunshine to blame lol .

    Anyway Simba you are in the right place..so very good luck with the cut down / stop

    :) jan

  • Jan is so right Simba, stick with us, we're all here to help each other through :-)

  • I told the lady at the no smoking clinic about this site and she hadn't heard of it so I said I would take the details down as I think I am going to find it very useful.

  • I told the people in my Pharmacy, because I was so impressed. I am sure you will find it useful it really is such a positive and helpful site. These mystery people have given me more hope than I though existed. :)

  • Hi Simba, well done on deciding to quit, as the rest have said different things work for different people, I have the same as Bella as well, cut back on the ciggies each day, that's what i did, i waited longer and longer each day before i had my first one, by the time i got to tea time i stopped. You can do this and we'll help you :) Let us know how you get on :)

  • Going to get one of those e cigarettes tomorrow. Start treatment from Breast cancer tomorrow so that will be a trying time, normally if going to a hospital have a cigarette before I go in so perhaps the e cigarette will help. They have advised not to smoke so at least that will give me some incentive as the treatment is not so effective if smoking.

  • Friend of mine at works uses e ciggies he swears by it... Best of luck tomorrow xx

  • Good luck with the quit Simba and at the hospital tomorrow. I think the others have already said it all but we'll all be rooting for you on both counts. :)

  • Simba, I will be thinking of you tomorrow :) and i do hope everything goes to plan for you :) like the others have said, if you have any problems or moans, then come on here and shout about them ok :) :)

    Good luck for tomorrow gal, Pete :)

  • Thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts. This site is fantastic, everyone so kind. Will keep you posted. To everyone who is just starting this journey good luck I am sure with this site you will get all the support you need and succeed x

  • Simba196.

    HAHA,, Take patch off have a fag, put patch back on. tha made me laugh out really loud.

    I never bothered to take the patch off!!!.

    Determintion goes a long way. I stopped a long time ago for about four years then, it was fairly easy for me however, this time has been really hard.

    I used ecig to calm the cravings for about 4weeks now I am 53 days without smoking and I dont use anything and I am surviving without the weed pretty well to the point that when I smell ciggies, the smell makes me sick.

    I learnt the last time I stopped to convince my brain that the smell was disgusting and I got into the habit of saying to people NO THANKS, I dont smoke.

    In the short term stay with your patches, If you feel they are not working try an ecig you still get a hit of nicotine but no nasty chemical coctail and you can use it when you feel the urge to smoke without the guilt.

    Over time try my suggestion of convincing your brain that the habit of smoking is horrible and get used to saying NO THANK I DONT SMOKE and then check your pocket for all that extra cash and give youself a reward with it.

    You will be amazed.


  • Will try that Tom. I am going to go and get one of the e-cigarettes when I leave the hospital tomorrow hopefully that will help. I am trying to cut down over the next few days first and then see how it goes. Thank you for the advice and well done for reaching 53 days.

  • Hope all goes well at the hospital.

    The e-cig is good but please remember it still gives you a nicotine kick, so try and limit its use and when you can, forget about it.

    I can tell you, saying to people NO THANKS, I dont smoke is a brilliant feeling and i am sure that you will find out these things for yourself when you get off ciggies and e-ciggies even for a month and you will feel gooooooooooood.


  • Thanks Tom for the advice As soon as rsdiotherapy is finished I hope to kick the habit for good

  • Will be thinking of you

    to your future health.


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