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Quick mist mouth spray

Been quit nearly 2 weeks now, I am using the 16 hour patch, I did have the mints but they made me feel sick, today I have bought the spray and the same thing is happening, my question is does anyone else feel sick as soon as they spray or suck the mints? and will this sicky feeling go after I have been using them for a while, it really is as though I am going to be sick seconds after I have sprayed.

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Hi delina, Firstly well done on reaching 2 weeks thats brilliant. I am sorry but I personally cant answer your question, however Emjay or Jarvo our advisors will be on the site may be tonight or defianately tomorrow, they should be able to help. meanwhile some of the other members may have used the same nrts as you and I am sure they will let you know.

Welcome to quit support have a nosey around and please join in our daily chat. Yes we are a bit bonkers at times but it helps. :D


Thank you Jillygirl, I am mad also so I should fit in well lol :)


Hi delina, congratulations on getting to 2 weeks, :) I'm sorry i can't help either, i use the 16 hour patch, but the inhalator Like Jillygirl said Emjay or Jarvo will help you with this, there may be something about it on one of the blogs, so have a good look around

Welcome to the site :)


Thank you Sue, will have a nosey around :)


A good idea could be to click on the blogs, then on the quit support blogs, there maybe something written there, i'm trying to do this but my computer is playing up, if i manage to get on and find anything i'll put it on here for you :)


Thank you :)


Hi Delina, tags can be a useful way to find some information. There's also an alphabetical search there. Unfortunately you can only add tags to the initial blog or question so if you can edit your question, you could put tags on it for other people in the future so they may find the answer to their query if they get a similar problem. :)


Hi Delina,

Well done on 2 weeks quit, i have never used the spray but have the inhalator and a friend gave me some niquitin minis. I felt sick (and was) only once from the inhalator it was in the first week and I had been hammering it and think I got a bit too much nicotine. Not sure tho that it was definitely that.

The niquitin minis are good, I was given 4mg and 1.5mg, the 4mg are too strong and I had to spit it out, didn't make me feel sick tho just tasted really strong and unpleasant.

Maybe worth trying the inhalator I like it.

Also have you gone to smoking cessation service to get NRT on prescription? You said you had bought the spray. I go to boots you pay prescription charge in week 1 then get everything free for 12 weeks.

Welcome to the forum, everyone is lovely and really supportive.


Hiya Delina nice to meet you :) you've come to the right place, because the people on here are all so lovely and helpfull :)

Your doing so well on 2 weeks, you keep strong and focused, i use the mist, i pull one of my cheeks out and spray the mist onto the inside of my cheek, because i found that it gave me hiccups :D if i just sprayed it into my mouth.

Speak soon

Pete :)


Hi Delina, welcome to our on-line stop smoking community, glad you found us :-)

Apparently the spray can be quite intense and so it may be best to try just a little at first until you become accustomed to it. Having spoken to Jane, another of our Stop Smoking Advisor's, the best way to do this is as follows;

1. Give the mouth spray a good shake beforehand, so as to prime the spray

2. Spray once to ensure that it sprays - rather than squirts

3. Spray once into the palm of your hand

4. Using a clean finger, rub some of the sprayed Quick Mist from the palm of your hand onto either your gum or the front of your tongue

Let us know how this tip works for you :-)

Congratulations on almost reaching 2 weeks. Let us know what date you quit on and we'll add you onto our 'Wall of Winners' - the place where all quitters are winners :-)


Hi, thanks for the advice, just took another spray just before I read this and the sick feeling was instant, very unpleasant but i will try squirting it into my hand and rubbing into my gums, its not over use as I have only used the mist twice and the mints twice, to be honest I am finding my e-cig a huge help, bought a new one yesterday and it taste better than the previous one, its smaller and taste like the cigarettes people bring back from abroad its called multi cig. I quit on the 3rd of November so 2 weeks tomorrow :) pretty pleased with myself, good luck to all the quitters, we can do this!!!!


Hi delina

Emjay and I have been chatting about this today.

Can I please ask; before you quit, how many cigarettes did you smoke a day? What stage patch are you using and what strength mints? Are you using the e-cig along with the patch? Do you think there's any chance you could be getting too much nicotine causing you to feel sick?

Sorry lots of questions, just trying to get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Speak soon



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