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3rd week end coming up

I've had a troubled day today (story of my life really) and I've had more cravings that i normally get. I managed to bat them off and I'm home from work now sitting with a cup of coffee. I've been reading through past blogs from various people and refueling my hope with each and every one of them.,They all tell similar stories and every character in every story is me or you, someone identifiable and immediately recognisable as travelling along the very same road with the same goals in sight. Thank you for your company.

Fags, his pixie friends, the cyberman/mermaid collective, Jason and the Argonauts, some otters, David Essex, Zulu's , druids and all the freakish inhabitants of my shop soiled mind.



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Hi Fags, some days are just like that, even though it's a Friday. Glad that you come on here where there are people who understand. :) Has your chest infection finally cleared up now?

I notice that you haven't told Emjay your quit day so you can go on the wall of winners.

Hope you're evenings better with all your mates around you - you can have some party with that lot! ;-) :D :D


Hi Andi,

The chest thing is still lingering on but fading away more each day. It took something as drastic as that to throw my switch and make me finally "want" to stop smoking. I thought I had given Emjay my quit date but I'll chase it up anyway.

My mates scare me.

:D :D


Hello Fags, chin up, you're doing just brill. . On Monday morning I felt like something possessed, eyes went all large and green and evil - I believe the nico deamon was responsible screaming from somewhere inside!!

Fags you're friends are just brill, I look forward to reading about them every day!

Off to the pub for a glass of wine... It's Friday after all!!

Big hugs


Well, It's wonderful to hear from other folks who having their own battles with Nico and still find the time and consideration to help their fellow casualties. I cherish such comments and cannot help babbling on about "odd things". That's what keep me sane, If I kept all that nonsense bottled up in my head, well, who knows??

I might go to the pub for a Guiness tonight before settling down in front of the telly. As you so rightly say.....It's Friday after all.

Love, smiles and odd things



Fags you are doing brilliant :) hope chest thing goes soon. Have a good eve with guiness and telly xx jan


Babbling, is that what u call it? Not at all, fun, funny and once removed from a life without a fags (sorry meant ciggie) ;-)... you should write a book...

Two glasses of wine later, back home for evening of dreadful tv and plastic cigarette!!!! :-) :-)

11 days hanging in behind... ;-)


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