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my biggest problem in quitting is just the thought of taking the morning potty gives me jitters and hence i have not even tried quitting

have been a smoker for over two decades now and i really really want to quit...but as i said above the morning thing is giving me the creeps since i feel that i might end up with constipation. my day doesnt start with out my morning cigarette in the bathroom. any tips on how to overcome this constipation phobia....

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Hi, you could see your gp and speak to them first, you could try taking an over the counter preperation the night before,or you could try a black coffee, prunes the night before. If you could steal yourself to go downstairs first ,break the habit of having your first cig in bathroom and have outside,any toilet effect it has will ,still allow you to get back to the bathroom.Then you have broken that habit,then try having breakfast before lighting up...yes i know its hard,but no one said it would be easy..but everyone says its worth it. And your fear will not be helping ,,get rid of it ! everyone gets constipation ,its easily dealt with..do not use it as an excuse..if you really really want to quit you can do it :) good luck


thanks a lot thenunn... :)


Good Morning Chennaibigguy, (or is it it good afternoon for you?!) :-/

Well done on taking the first steps towards deciding to quit. Stopping smoking is the single most important thing you can do to improve and help your health :-)

Nicotine is a laxative. However, your body will learn to readjust to its normal function. Try drinking plenty of water. Eating more fruit and vegetables will also help.

As Jan says (thenunn), by starting to change your smoking habit before your quit date will also help. By smoking your first cigarette in the morning somewhere else, or even by trying to put it off for half an hour or so, then you are re-training your mind not to expect to have that smoke at certain times or even at certain places.

Let us know when you are thinking about setting your quit date and we'll help you to put a few things in place beforehand..... Instead of just getting there and coming up against a few challenges without knowing what to do.


good morning Jay...we are at GMT + 5.30 :) . thanks a ton for the inputs. planning on a quit date by end march. Will freeze the date soon and let you know guys. wondering as to why i didnt connect with you guys much much earlier..but as they say better late than never..already i m getting a positive reinforcement that i am definitely going to kick the butt soon. Will lean on to you guys and kick this habbit soon. thanks once again Jay n Jan :) :)


Hi, In answer to your question. I stopped in September and to be truthful, initially, i did suffer with constipation. However, having changed my diet to more fruit and veg, i think that i am ridding my system of even more waste which can only be a good thing. The way i see it is, that if all this food is in the body, and not being released, then it can only poison the body. Eating a sensible, healthy diet should do the trick for you.I would NEVER have considered taking laxatives because you would just end up swapping one problem for another. At the end of the day,the body has to readjust to you having given up one addiction. Giving up smoking is a massive accomplishment and i wish you well in your journey. I will be watching out for your posts. Stay positive!!!


@ianemorph...thanks a lot buddy :)



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