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A wonder if it's a side effect

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Jessi617 Month Winner

I really do hate to put this on here cause I'm a private person but I've had trouble with constipation which I've never had . First I thought it was the meds my doctor has me on and they said it isn't my meds and it didn't start till I stopped smoking it's kinda scary cause I feel like I am dying.. I've tried a few things but not seaming to work.. I was wondering if it was normal and what I might could do.. I really hope it was ok to put this on here... I'm still doing good with no smoking and I'm starting to breath a lil better too... Thank you all so much...

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Hi Jessi, It's great to hear your doing so well with your quit, :-)

It's amazing the changes in our body's when we quit the cigaretts, and yes constipation can be one of them or even the opposite as with Diarrhoea.

Your body will right itself with time.

A good idea is to eat more roughage with your meals, re:- Fresh fruit, vegetables, and plenty of water, one tip I would like to give you as it works well, is to add fresh Lemon juice to your water drink, have a glass first thing in the morning with WARM water, and then add it to cooler water during the day.

You can Google ' Benefits of the Lemon fruit,' much better to use Natural remedies, also try Liqurice, you can get it in lots of lovely flavours.

I hope this has helped you !! Take care, x. :-)

Hi Jessi,

No you're not the only one, I too suffered thought I was the only 1 til I read past posts on this topic. I had hot water first thing in the morning and 2 litres of water during the day, it wasn't a quick cure but it did work eventually.

Well done on quitting, things do start returning to normal in time :)


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Hiya jessi, yes unfortunately it is a side effect although unpleasant and will eventually pass but in the meantime you've got a couple of good tips which should help😊

I can't add anything apart from all bran cereal which is also good. Remember you're doing ever so well and things will get back to normal😉 be very proud of your achievement, well done and hope you feel better soon👏🏼x

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Jessi617 Month Winner

I thank each of you so much for the advice I sure could use it and it's so helpful and now I don't feel silly asking .. I have wanted to fall again but then think how far I've came and some of my side effects are calm like my deep breathing it doesn't hurt as bad I do the breathing exercises so helpful .. and I have hoarseness mainly in the morning and afternoon. Not sure on that but this side effects now I really am not liking at all i see all others that have been smoke free for awhile thats so inspiring and I'm happy all came this far. And it's great to see someone that's kinda close to me in months .. I'd be happy to make it to 2 months and tell the help I've received and help someone under my months .. family wants me to go camping for a couple days I'm really worried about it.. I hope everyone has a great and safe day.

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monkyAdministrator in reply to Jessi6

Jessie, for one thing, a flippin GREAT BIG WELL DONE to you for reaching 1 months quit :) :) and please feel free to post anything on here, as long as its got something to do with quitting smoking or a laugh :D :D :D Defo no swearing or sex :o cos am getting on a bit now seeeee, just thinking about my ticker :| :D :D

Jessie, I used champix a while ago now, and that made me constipated :o and I dont know why, but when out shopping, as one does :| these chocolate coated raisins jumped out at me, soooo, a bought some, scoffed the flippin lot that night :o :D :D Job sorted after a couple of days :) :)

You enjoyyyyyy yourself Jessie :) cos camping is out doors and in the fresh air which is what we need :) :) I have FULL confidence in you Jessie :) :) just dont ever forget NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :) :) otherwise, ya got me ta deal with :o :D :D

Take care now :)

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Jessi, camping as a non smoker is much more fun so don't worry and just enjoy your trip coz you're doing brilliant👍x

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Hey jessi, well done a month is FANTABULOUS 😁😁😁

So sorry your going through it......my only advice is stay away from anything sugary and definitely no fizzy drinks 😆 you are better trying the natural remedies as above than trying something shop bought as I find it's only a short term remedy.... your body will adjust so hang it out......besides wots a bit of constipation compared to a more serious illness if we continue to smoke 😆😆

It's interesting that you find us oldies inspiring...... coz we get our inspiration from you newbies 😆😆😆😆😆

Enjoy your camping.....don't fret as it will only add to your situation....stay .strong and keep the faith hun 😁😁

Hi jessi 😊

I was the same constipation and bloating thought I was about to give birth several times 😂😂

Some exercise might help to move things along 😊

Hope you have a great time camping, my hubby wants me to go camping but only camping I've done is at festivals, don't know if that counts as real camping 😁

Youre doing great 😉


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I forgot to put this on for you but prunes are very helpful also😉x

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Jessi617 Month Winner

Sorry I haven't been on much I want to thank everyone for helping me it has been hard but getting a lil easier . I've had a tough couple days so kinda in the dark I don't want to talk much or go anywhere I stay ill and snapy and that's not me yes My doctor put me on meds when I first started to quit this nasty habit I had and I've been through alot of bad side effects that I wouldn't wish on anyone . I'm suprised I made it cause I'm one who is shy an stays to her self. My babies are lil an they keep me going and my hubby gets fustrated with me cause I seam more mean he says since I've quit I'm not sure but I don't like it .. I went to the grocery store first time going into town cause I was afraid well as I walked to the door someone was smoking and I said omg they should not smoke in front of door and ewe stinks bad then I thought wow that was me at one time and I understand better now... I thank you all for helping me I know I couldn't had made it ... I just hope I can get energy and be the happy goofy person everyone seen me as. :(... .. I hope everyone has a blessed night or day...

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Jfarrelly829 MONTH WINNER

Lots of water!!!! Add a lax for a few days, your not alone :)

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