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For me or him?

I am only 2 days into giving up the fags, it has and is incredibly tough for me. I am using e cigs and still struggle. My husband is also giving up, he isn't using e cigs. He hasn't seemed to have any withdrawals at all......until tonight and he says ' I could just have one cheeky fag' I ignored him....I don't think I could have just one. Final part of my moan is that then he says...'seeing as you are really finding it hard, shall I buy you some fags?? I could have thrown a cushion at him.....if I had been moaning about cravings I was only ever looking for support not to have him buy me fags for petes sake. Anyway, I am thinking he's really struggling and not letting on, sure as eggs if he bought me a packet of fags he would be smoking them!!! Thoughts???????

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I totally agree with you Slimdusty :)

Sounds like your husband is just looking for an excuse to have a smoke, he's struggling but doesn't want to admit it so if you smoke first then can say he gave in because you did :) You've got him sussed ! That would make me even more determined not to give in just because I knew he was waiting for me to. You are doing brilliantly Slimdusty, it is tough but it gets easier, stick with it and call his bluff.

You've made me laugh with what your hubby is up to.


How true! :D

Just keep coming on here for your sanity and rise above it when he tries to get you going. Take some deep breaths (see Emjay's breathing blogs) and give him an enigmatic smile and say nothing. That might work. :) :D :D


If he wants to smoke dont tell him not to but make him go outside to smoke...... you dont want the smell of it around you........ which Im sure you dont

I cant have dags in the house when I stop smoking so not sure how I would cope with stopping if hubby did smoke

Im with the other 2 on this, sounds like he's using you as an excuse.

Please stay strong, Im on week 3 now and really dont think I could have done it without coming on here for a moan.

Keep doing what you doing, just ignore him, go for a walk or breathe,just dont give in to that dreaded fag


Good for you sticking to your guns! The old reverse psychology trick. I found the first two days the worst. Once I was over them, I felt better. I am just 10 days smoke free but I feel better for it. I found this site invaluable for letting off steam and getting advice. Well done you !!! :) :)


Thanks everyone! Am so glad I found this site......big test is Friday night, out on the razzed for my bday, there will be lots of deep breathing! Night x


I found the 1st few days the easiest, the weekenda are the worst coz Stewart is home to pee me off lol

Coming on here and letting off steam should help..... take your efag with you and DONT buy any fags, if you slip up and have 1 from someone else dont let that bother you but just dont have any of your own


Hi Slimdusty, a big welcome to this lovely quit smoking site :)

A massive well done to you gal for getting to day 2 on your quit :) :) and i totally agree with what the Girls have said, and i cant better that gal :)

Friday night will be a big test for you, but if you try to keep focused on your quit and try one of Emjays breathing exercises, am sure you will get through it easily :) :)

Hope to speak to you soon, Pete :)


Hey Slimdusty,

Sounds like you have your hubby completely sussed :-) Each time you get a craving, just remember to yourself that it will definitely go away It may (and probably will) come back again but wont be anywhere near as bad as it was. Once this has happened and each time you feel 'normal' again, reflect back on how the craving made you feel and you will realise that you actually overcame 'that' feeling'. You will be amazed at the high you get when you realise that you didn't give in.

At the time a craving sets in, smoking seems so attractive, as if it will be the best thing ever. However, it is the thought of smoking that is far greater than actually smoking itself :-/

The big thing is to remember that it is all down to choice. It's up to you to choose whether you do smoke or you don't. If you do, I can almost guarantee that you will kick yourself for it and then will either set another quit date pretty soon or decide that it was just the one... Is it really worth it after all the effort you have put in so far? I don't think so...

You are doing ever so well, keep up the good efforts and show your hubby that you are going to remain smokefree no matter what he chooses to do himself :-/

You're a winner :-)


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