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Ready for Week 8

Seven weeks without tobacco, and I am settling into life as an ex-smoker. I'd say I think about smoking maybe once or twice a day, but the feeling passes quickly. It has been an interesting journey. I just returned from a week in Paris... in Paris of all cities I thought I would be tested because it just seems like a city where one needs to smoke. But I handled it well. Didn't have a single fag. As time passes by, the confidence to keep up the non-smoking lifestyle increases. Hope everyone on here is growing that confidence day by day. Everyone has a different journey and may need a different approach, but I can say that stopping is really very doable if we keep our minds set. The one side effect has been a bit of weight gain, but it's under control. And what a small price to pay!

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totally agree that gaining weight is a small price to pay. I'm now 11 months free from being a slave to the fags. Went a party last night and it felt good when a old friend was going outside in the cold and asked do any of you lot smoke on this table.... and we all said No.


Hi Tokyo, great that you're now into week 8. The best thing about travelling I find is how you don't have to search out the sinbins and keep checking your watch for when you can have another one. Enjoy your freedom! :)


Aup Tokyo,

It's great to see you again, and doing so well on your quit jurney :) 7 weeks and still going strong eh, thats the way to be, and like you say each day your confidence grows stronger too :)

Ok so you've put a bit of weight on, ha ha I think most of us have done that :o but what I say is that if you can Master the fag, then you can Master the weight later :) :)

Speak again Pete :)




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