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Seven weeks without tobacco, and I am settling into life as an ex-smoker. I'd say I think about smoking maybe once or twice a day, but the feeling passes quickly. It has been an interesting journey. I just returned from a week in Paris... in Paris of all cities I thought I would be tested because it just seems like a city where one needs to smoke. But I handled it well. Didn't have a single fag. As time passes by, the confidence to keep up the non-smoking lifestyle increases. Hope everyone on here is growing that confidence day by day. Everyone has a different journey and may need a different approach, but I can say that stopping is really very doable if we keep our minds set. The one side effect has been a bit of weight gain, but it's under control. And what a small price to pay!

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  • totally agree that gaining weight is a small price to pay. I'm now 11 months free from being a slave to the fags. Went a party last night and it felt good when a old friend was going outside in the cold and asked do any of you lot smoke on this table.... and we all said No.

  • Hi Tokyo, great that you're now into week 8. The best thing about travelling I find is how you don't have to search out the sinbins and keep checking your watch for when you can have another one. Enjoy your freedom! :)

  • Aup Tokyo,

    It's great to see you again, and doing so well on your quit jurney :) 7 weeks and still going strong eh, thats the way to be, and like you say each day your confidence grows stronger too :)

    Ok so you've put a bit of weight on, ha ha I think most of us have done that :o but what I say is that if you can Master the fag, then you can Master the weight later :) :)

    Speak again Pete :)

  • FANTASTIC WELL DONE!!!! :) :) :)

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