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I am now into my second week of no smoking,

Last Tuesday was my first day, I haven't had a ciggy since Monday 14th Jan at 11pm

Am I weird to say that I am finding this easy AND hard?

I had a bad day over the weekend and found that the people on here helped (thank you everyone for your comments and messages of support, it ment a lot)

I thought that I would be like the last time I stopped smoking and it would get harder and harder every day

So far I am finding it ok to get up in the mornings and go to bed

I would LOVE to have a fag though but know I just cant afford them but would still like to have one and when the cravings come my god they come! More so in the afternoons or when Im going to work or on way home from work.

Im not finding the after lunch or tea too bad and the past couple of days I've not done much from 2pm on wards so thought that I would have been worse

Is this a good sign??

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Aup Sarah, nice to see you again :)

I assure you that your not weird for one thing :) cos i think we all get easy and hard times during our quit attempt :o :)

Erm just thinking ;o say, if you used to have a cup of coffee with a fag at 11.00 !! then change your coffee time to 11.30, or have a cuppa tea, try to change your habbits when you used to smoke, if you see what I mean :o :)

When the cravings come, have you read Emjay's breathing blogs, cos one of those may help you :) :)

Your doing just super Sarah, you really are :) the more cravings you beat off, the weaker they will become gal :) you stick with it and you will beat them :)

Pete :)


Yes :D :D:D


Only joking Sarah, no you are not weird at all, it's great that it's easier than you expected it to be. You have quit for 2 weeks now so you KNOW you can get through those cravings. Yes they can be bad but we are all with you in this fight against the evil weed. If you want a cigarette and you if you can come on here and tell us about how you are feeling.

I needed to do that today because I struggled today and came very close to smoking, I should have done what I have just said because sometimes all you need is some support and encouragement to reiterate what you all ready know.

I suppose it's different for everyone, but I can't wait for the day when I can go a whole day and not even think about a cigarette instead of thinking about them all the time.

We will do this together Sarah and you know we can : ) xxx


I didnt manage to get back on after posting that yesterday, had a busy evening (watching tv! lol)

glad to hear Im no wierd.

I still miss them, think I always will, it seems like I have stopped smoking for a lifetime and not just over a week.

I have noticed the lack of trips to the shop so that's saving loads and loads on fag money as well as petrol!

I do do the breathing things, I just dont think that works for me though :(


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