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17 Days, 21 Hours

So, it's Friday night and my non smoking journey has been, at least yesterday and today, surprisingly fine.

I'm not sure whether this ease is something to be celebratory about or deeply suspicious of as it does seem pretty early in the process to be so disinterested in cigarettes.  I have had the most fleeting of thoughts about them but apart from that nothing substantial.

The two packs I had left are still in my cupboard - still wrapped in cellophane.

I did join the local smoking cessation programme at the pharmacy and when the took my Carbon Dioxide reading and told me it was the reading of a non smoker I did hear a little 'Hoooooo yeah' in the back of my head.

The only real drawbacks I'm feeling at the moment are a bit of insomnia (last two nights have featured a lot of staring at the ceiling and muttered obscenities at the duvet) and a bit of heartburn (I have suffered from quite a temperamental relationship with the lavatory since I gave up - tectonic plates have been friskier than my bowels) but the headaches have pretty much vanished.

Of course I know that this could all be a temporary reprieve and this time tomorrow I could be desperate for a smoke but as the weekend looms I'm feeling surprisingly relaxed.

So, folks, I hope you all have an astonishing weekends as non smokers.

Love, Luck and fortitude to you all...

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Ahh cushing you are doing fabulously 😊

Yep all withdrawal symptoms I'm afraid but it does all pass 😊 Good for you joining the cessation program, it will help you (certainly helped Andrew). As to feeling fine, well I would celebrate coz that mister nic could come back and bite ya..... However, you may well be in the zone so that's why your feeling good, could be that you feel good about this quit..... It's how I felt about mine 😊

Keep up the good work 🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀


You are doing brilliantly 👍👍🚭🚭🚭✅✅✅

As droopy said - common withdrawal symptoms and they all pass. We have to be patient and give our bodies the time to heal after what we put it through with those pesky cigarettes.

Loving your positive attitude and this will keep you in control.👍😀👏👏 - you took back control on day 1 😀😀🌷🌷

Keep up the great quit you have going there. 🍀🍀🍀


Well done Cushing, your carbon reading is already that of a non smoker, terrific👍🏼

So glad you're already feeling some of the benefits of your great quit. As the other lovely ladies have said already, those pesky side effects will pass. Nearly 18 days and yes you should celebrate your success coz you have earned it🚭🚭🚭😊

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That's some seriously good news, Cushing! Happy to know Mr. Nic isn't bothering you too much. Have a wonderful smoke-free weekend. :-)


Amazing Cushing....and I love your humour-right up my alley!! Hey, don't knock it....you're doing brilliantly and the disinterest you're feeling so early on is fantastic-much better that than having cravings following you around like a smoking stalker. Disturbed sleep patterns are pretty normal-I think the whole business of feeling 'disturbed' is normal in itself. We've disturbed the smoking habit at long last and it's kicking back! Stay strong Cushing, maybe a relaxation app on your phone to lull you into the land of nod may do the trick? Much love, Poll x

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Wishing you luck in your quit 👍🏻👍🏻 Xxxx


Hey Cushing, I have been really similar to you. feeling surprisingly okay??? all my previous attempts i wss climbing tbe walls and broke often within hiurs. guess it must be our time?

I do feel like my throat  chest and lungs have been sandblasted. but I think about the days it took my mouth to heal.

I too am looking for stability with sleep and bowels!

have a great weekend :-)


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