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I dont do Christmas. Everyday is Christmas

I dont do Christmas.  Everyday is Christmas

Everyday is Christmas, when you have the kind of mind.

That stores up all the goodness and sweetness it can find.

When you dont need an occasion to spread a bit of cheer,

But just keep on giving, of yourself throughout the year.

Everyday is Christmas, with a lovely wrapped surprise,

When you see all the love in someone else,s eyes.

When you try a little harder and complain a little less,

Holding fast to all the fervour of faith that you possess.

Everyday is Christmas, when you find that you can be,More concerned with words like "you" and less with "I" and " me."

When its fun to do a favour and lend a helping hand.

When being understood means less, than when you understand.

Everyday is Christmas, with a beauty deeply cast, when you find it doesnt matter,

If your first or if your last.

When you can face your conscience and be glad of who you are,

Then everyday is Christmas, with a stable and a star.

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Hi mad that is a beautiful poem thank you. :)


Hi mad,, what a lovely poem that is :)


Mad nice to see you again gal :) :)

That was just lovely gal :) :)

I have copied it to my computer and printed it out, just like I have with Jillygirls poem :) :)

Lovely lovely words :) :)

Love the pic too by the way :) speak soon gal and take care :)


Thanks Jillygirl, Sue and Monky, glad you enjoyed it, as you can see I don,t do Christmas at all, but I hope everyone else who does has a lovely time and isn,t tempted by our enemy the dreaded Cig,s. I surpose its quite stressfull for some, all the crowds and the pushing and shoving in the shop, and trying to remember what you,ve forgot, LOL. I haven,t even thought about shopping yet but I will have to move myself and buy food, there again the shops are open Boxing day so I aint worried. Just remembered that tomorrow is surposed to be the end of the world so I,ll leave the shopping till Saturday, just incase I,m wasting my time, ha ha.

Have a nice day



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