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Pat on the back for me

Was lying in bed last night thinking of the last 5 years, in that time I have lost a daughter, a nephew, 2 brother in-laws both I've known for 25 years,an aunty a friend, and my 79 year old mum suffered a major stroke, thank god she is still with us without many side effects and I have managed 4 weeks without a cigarette, very proud of myself and I'm looking forward to a smoke free Christmas and my mums 80th Birthday on dec 28th.

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WELL DONE DELINA, Your a brave lady dealing with all the ups and downs in life and you,ve had your share. Keep up with your no smoking and just enjoy each day as it comes.

Take care



Well done Delina, your amazing managing to stop smoking with everything that you have gone through :)

I hope you have a great Xmas, and you mum has a brill birthday :)

Have a great smoke free day whatever your doing :) :)


Thank you mad, its onwards and upwards from now on :) Starting my healthy eating today as I have been a little piggy lol :) and with all the support on here and knowing your not doing on your own really does help :) everyone is doing sooo well on here. we all deserve a pat on the back:)


Thank you sue, feeling in good spirits today :) and a smoke free day to you :)


Hi John, its very very hard but I think our loved ones would want to see us happy and that's the thought that I try to keep in my head, I'm sure your wife would be very proud of the way you have quit the cigarettes ;) I don't know how long its been since you lost your lovely wife but life does get easier with time.


Hi Delina

You have suffered over these past 5 years but it is so nice to see that you are still positive and looking forward to things happening in the future.

Giving up smoking I think a lot of people agree is also a loss, it used to be like a friend to us and we relied on it in times of stress. I feel that time is a great healer with regards to that as well and the longer time goes on the easier it gets.

Keep strong, you are doing so well dealing with everything and giving up smoking is something else you will deal with successfully I just know you will. xx


Hi Delina, and so you should be proud of yourself, with everything else going on in your life I think surviving to 4 weeks is brilliant. It just shows you what a strong person you really are and that you don't really need that little white stick to help you through whatever's being thrown at you. A few deep breaths and off you go again!

Well done and keep it up, we all know that you can. :)


Thanks Kazza and andi :) xx


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