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Saturday night blip

So I had quit for nearly 3 weeks but ended up having a couple of fags on Saturday night as due to alcohol my will power went AWOL but as I was smoking I thought to myself as long as don't have a fag Sunday I can be back on it and that is exactly what I did!! I don't plan on smoking again I see it had a blip and I won't mind it again as long as I always tell myself to not go back to full time smoking!!! :) I still see it had iv given up 3 weeks today!!!

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Mybe your one of those people Bridget that can have the odd one and then leave them alone, my Sister can have a few and then leave them for months. I wouldnt worry to much about it as I think sometimes thinking about smoking and feeling guilty because you slipped up can make you go back to smoking again. Mybe you,ve learn,t your lesson and if you haven,t then so what!!! . Keep trying, you will get there in your own time. Good luck



Yes I would coun that as a blip - just forget it and carry on with

your quit!



Don't worry it is no different from having a choccy bar when on a strict diet, it happens, carry on regardless and don't beat yourself up about a blip. It's OK .... now I'm just thinking of stuffying my face from the goodie tin


You are doing the right thing Bridget, just put it behind you and carry on, you are only human and these things happen. Well done for carrying on and not just going back to smoking which would be so easy, that shows strength and a lot of willpower.


Hear, hear, I would just call it a blip too especially as you didn't go back to fully smoking again as so many people do then feel really bad about it. Onward and upwards and come and join the chat if you want a little more help to stay on the straight and narrow. :)


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