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Allan carr method. Listen to the audio book over and over. Then you end up waking up with the book running though your head isntead of i want morning fag you think, there s nothing to give up. i don't need to smoke. it improves nothing.stuff smoking its crap and anoyeing. it smells. whatever reasons. I don't want to be a drug addict all my life. it ends now once and for all!!! no more being a drug addict.

I didn't even see it as a drug addiction. I was miserable without a smoke. now i think why should i be miserablke i am freeing myself. it makes stopping so so easy because every time you are not smoking you are not an addict.

whatewver your reasons are fortget them. listen to the audio book as many times as it takes it will work. i thoght i was hopeless. my god!!!! Why did i wait so damn long!!!

I love you allan carr or allen carr i don't know the spelling but you are a a lovely legend thankyou for shjaring. great guy.

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Hi there Pixel 😀😀

Well done on quitting 👏👍

I read Allen Carr and quit, it's amazing that a book can help people quit smoking 😄 but it has helped so many ☺️

Keep positive and keep up the good work 😀😀😀


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What's really aweome about recorded inmstructional type thing in any format is, it can be repeated as many times as you want without truobling the person who came up with it. It really is a great book!


Aup Pixel and a great big WHOOOOO PIIIII DOOOOOO to you gal :) :)

A massive big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) The Allen carr book has helped quite a few of our members on here, But I diddnt know you could get a audio version of it too, soooo thank you very much for enlightening us :)

Pixel, you are a Winner through and through gal, cos you've got it in your head that your a non smoker now and why should you ever start again :o :) :)

Your doing ever sooooo well Pixel, am just wandering if I could ask you when your quit date was :o then I can sort you out a Winners badge to go after your name :) and also, could I ask you to keep the language down a bit, cos this is a public forum, thanking youuuuuuuuuu :) :)

Pixel, am loving your enthusiasm gal :) :) :D :D

Take care now, Pete :)


My apologies for the language. To be honest I feel that the subject of addiction is very strong so in a way I feel strong language must be used to expose what is in fact being gradually left behind and what is being experienced. Also I am testing the water by getting drunk to seehow I feel without smoking. I don't actually know what it's like to have alcohol on it's own. So I have quit for 2 days now. I quit on 1st of May if you need a specific date. I know it may be early to celebrate but I honestly feel that why should you feel crap about not smoking when you can try new things instead. It is tricky, so I like to do the worst first and then I can just relax because the worst is sover. So once again sorry about laguage. I probably posted a few times on here with bad language. I justknow one thing. I don't need to smoke. No - body needs to smoke. I walked past smokers and I felt no attraction to the smoke. But still I wanted to feel more relaxed but it's a simple fact of. you wait this once and you will be there and you won't pay a penny towards it in the future. And this fact alone is actually enough to meake you relaxed enough to gladly say no, "I don't need to smoke" I don't even want to. And this is not like other times when you quit because you are worried or you want to save money. This time it's about tackling addiction. WHne you tackle the problem directly to the core; that's when you really understand why you are doing it and why you will not quit pushing your mind until you know that this is in fact the end of addiction and that there is no more need to try smoking ever again.

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Pixel, please dont worry to much about your language on here, but please try to keep it calm eh :) :)

I'm just flipping loving loving your enthusiasm, your attitude, your frame of mind :) :) that is just flippin ACE gal :) :)

I have read Allen Carrs book, but it didnt do anything for me :o but perhaps will have a listen to his audio version of it :) cos I can remember him rambling on :o and a lot of what he said made sence, but he just got to boring for me :o but thats me :)

I will put your quit date down as 1st May 2015 :) :) and thank you soo much for letting me know :) :)

Now you take care and stay focused on what YOU want, cos your the BOSS now Pixel, sooo you enjoyyyyyy your new smoke free life :) :) :)

If you have any questions, then please just shout out :)


Ah of course I undesrastand why it can be seen as boring. But I must say he is a lot less boring than smoking as a whole. Also if you really want something to keep you going while you quit something you did day in day out for 10 years, you pick any odd thing you can agree with and this time I just clicked with the audio book. I literally have dreams with the audio book running on top. It's really weird but I wake up thinking oh sweet I don't have to smoke any more lol.. I can't even really describe it. I think you have to listen to the audio book over and over like I did, trying to soak in every word as much as you can. Obviously the way the logic used needs to fit with you. For me it is enough to say yes, this is right I'll do it right now after my forst listen.

Then tehere's also the way it talks, it is kind of boring so your normal thoughts just get drowned out and it convinces you more and more. In a way being boring is a really great for the purpose of slight hypnosis etc.. But actually if you just follow his instructions and keep an open mind it isn't difficult at all.

This is far far easier than any other time I tried to stop smoking. For once I think this will be it.

You only have to stop smoking properly once you know and then you are free forever! how you do it need to prepare you for temptations in the future otherwise it will not be forever. This book aat the very least aims to do just that.


Hi Pixel and a big warm welcome to quit support :) :)

Congratulations on making the decision to quit smoking as it is the best possible thing you can do for your health.

There have been several members who have quit after reading Allen Carrs book :) :)

We all are different and it comes down to what ever works best is the best way to quit for each person :) :)

Under the topic headings there is lots of info on what the main symptoms are of quitting smoking.

I love you attitude and with that kind of determination you will do just fine :) :)

Keep up the great work :) :)

Our little mantra we use is NOPE..Not One Puff Ever...follow that and you can't go wrong :) :)

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Good morning Lin :) :)

I'm so sorry but got to climb that flippin wooden hill again, cos am noddin see :o :D :D

I hope you have a lovely relaxing day :) :) :)

Speak soon :) xx


Yay congrats!! I got my life back after reading his book. I also had my first real test last night as it was the first time i have been out drinking. Nearly everyone around me was smoking and i did not care. It did not phase me. :) yay. Anyway congrats again :)


Well done mrspacker on passing the test last night, hope you're very proud of yourself as you should be, well done hun 👍😃x

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Ohhh nice one! I started quitting by getting drunk for thr first 2 evenings so that I knew how it feels to enjoy alcohol without smoking. Also to reward myself for not caving in lol. Each to their own. I feel so much more relaxed as a non smoker! I just went for a walk in a warm summer rain and before it would be a nigtmare to try to smoke and get rained on haha. Can't believe I tired that before. Madness!

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Well done to you :) :)

It does make you feel good when you pass those tests. I know i tried to avoid all social functions for the first few months :)..so good on you :)

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HAYYYYYY Mrspacker, ACE gal just flippin love it love it love it :) :)

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Welcome pixel to our lovely quit family and congratulations on your quit 😃 x

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Im not sure if they still do them but there use to be alan carr quit smoking courses i can not recall if i went to 1 or 2 of them. They said they would guarantee you stop smoking it cost £150 and i went back because i was still smoking and 10 years later i still am. Its your own personal strength that has got you were you are so pat yourself on the back not Alan Carr your the hero. well done.



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