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Hi everyone Happy Saturday

pugs14 Month Winner

Been loving life. My grandson was here all summer and now back home. I did falter this week but back on track again. I hate the smell of smoking and the hold it seems to have on me. I am back on the patch for the rest of this month. Again thanks you guys.

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Hi pugs, Glad your ok. stay strong your doing great. :) :)


Back on track ...Good for You!!!

That's encouraging to folks like me who, last time I faltered-- let it discourage me for far too long. I'm back in "recovery" now, for not quite 2 weeks so far -- and tho' the anxiety (etc,etc!) are a drag -- I'm looking 'forward to, as you say, "Loving Life" again! The gorgeous summer weather here in the northeast 'States sure helps getting through one day at an time! Keep up the good work!


Hi ya Pugs :) I'm sorry you have had a little blip :o but am soooo happy your now back on track again :) :)

Pugs, I really dooooooooooooooo hate this part of being an administrator and having to take your Winners badge off you :( :( BUT, BUT, saying that, I'm going to flippin loooooooove catching your new Winners badges for you :) :) :)

Pugs, you were doing ever so well, over 6 months quit :) what made you light that first cig ?? :o think about WHY you had that cig, WHY did you want it :o what were your feelings at the time :o lets try to think of a way around it incase it happens again eh :) Pugs, if you ever need any help, please, please come a shouting and we will try our very best to help you :)

If you could please let me know your new quit date, I would be very grateful :) :)

NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :) try to remember that :)


Hiya Pugs, great to see ya and very pleased to hear you're back on track again👍🏼😊x

droopyJMarvellousness LTW

Well done pugs for getting back on it..... at least you know what to expect 😊😊 good luck hun 😉😊😊

pugs14 Month Winner

I faltered with nicotine vape I was around others who were smoking and I just had to have some nicotine replacement. I guess I messes up now I will have to start all over. I should've stuck to the no nicotine vape but I didn't. I am doing patches again and going to do the lowest nicotine vape.

I will let you know when I'm off the patches. Thanks

monkyAdministrator in reply to pugs

Pugs Pugs, does this mean you didnt smoke the real cigs :o ?????

OMG :( :( I obviously read your post wrong :o and am sooooooo sorry, Pugs, :( :( I really am gal :( :(

Rite, am going to reinstate you with your Winners badge right now :) :)

monkyAdministrator in reply to monky

Pugs, am so so sorry gal, look, its flippin Sunday and my one brain cell doesnt work toooo well on a Sunday :o

Please, please, except my deepest apologies Pugs :) :) xxxxx

If you want to vape, then vape Pugs :) but please dont go back to the smokes eh :) :)

pugs14 Month Winner

Oh I am sorry. I felt really bad cause the vape is a nicotine one and I just had to have it. I should've been more detailed. I thought well I blew it but no I didn't. Thank goodness. Everyone around me was puffing away and OMG I was so happy I had my vape. But no cigs!!!

Thanks ya'll.

monkyAdministrator in reply to pugs

Thank you soooo much Pugs, you have put my mind at rest now :) :) :)

Please dont give me a scare like that again gal, cos I dont think my poor old ticker could stand it seeee :o :D :D

Pugs, your doing just flippin ACE gal, you are :) :) if you need a vape, then you vape whether its nicotine or non nicotine :) but just stay off the flippin fags, ok, otherwise, you got me to deal with seeeee :o :P :D :D :D

Take care now Pugs and see's ya soon :) xx

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