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Daily chat: Friday 26th October 2012

Good morning everyone.

It's a very grey one here today and the chill hasn't quite reached the south yet. On a good note though, it's Friday today and the weekend's forecast to be bright and sunny if a little cold so that should cheer us all up a bit. :)

All you Stoptober people are coming up to 4 weeks - let's hope you can stay strong and keep going after that - don't forget (how can you! :o ) Christmas is coming and look at all that extra money you can buy presents with. Second thoughts, everyone has too much "stuff" these days so you can always opt to donate some of the extra money to chaity. :) Maybe a new well in a remote village for less than the cost of a week's worth of fags (£50).

Have a good day and don't forget to come on here and share your ups and downs with us all. :)

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Hi John and well done for not giving in - it would be a shame to throw it all away now after you've got the worst bit under your belt. It really helps not having any about that you could lay your hands on. :)


Hi everyone,

just got back from xmas shopping, nearly all done just a couple more things to get next week, first time i've been this organised in years :D :D

Big well done on not buying those ciggies John, it's great getting through those hard times cause you know you'd be able to do it again :)

hi Andi, you got anything nice planned for today? i'm not doing much now, i wish i could go out running like you do but i'm not allowed, doctor would go mental at me :D

i'm off to have lunch now will chat later :) xx


Good afternoon everyone

Well done John, getting to 28 days, the Stoptober objective on Sunday is massive acheivement, you are doing amazingly well.

It's a nice day here today Andi, sunny and not as cold as I was expecting but saying that I do have a thick jumper on today :)

Hi Sue, well done for reaching your 1 month yesterday, I saw that Andi mentioned it. You are very organised with your Christmas shopping. I have started mine but nowhere near finished it. I love Christmas. I'm having a day off work today and left my crossword book in work. I really enjoyed doing it yesterday and it really does keep your mind off the cravings, thanks for that tip.

I noticed that Pete finished work late again yesterday and what a pathetic attitude from his boss ==============> spear heading his way! Sorry to hear that you have been struggling a bit this week Pete, I suppose it's understandable as it's your first week and you have been working long hours but well done you for keeping strong. Are you using your nrt? Are you using patches? As everyone says, it will get easier with time and we are all here for you if and when you need us, we are here for you even when you don't need us :D

Have a good afernoon. xxx


Hi Kazz,

I'm glad the crossword books help you :) they help keep my brain working too, and boy do i need that :D :D

I love Christmas as well, i can't wait to put the tree up :) it will be much better next year though :)

Have a great day off, don't work too much :) xx


Afternoon all, gremlins again today! :X Posted to John at lunch time and it disappeared - turned off in disgust and amazed to see it on here now. Hope we don't have to start that copy & paste mullarkey again. (See tag for "gremlins" to find out how if you're new to this game. :) )

Sue, that's great you've nearly done the **** shopping - just got to wrap it up now then sit back - hahaha!

PETE hope you get back at a sensible time tonight and the boss gives you some extra time in lieu - how can you work properly if you don't even get enough time for a proper night's sleep - you must be exhausted! Will try and stay up for you tonight. :)


Hi Andi, gremlins are driving me nuts too, so like you i gave up

trying to get my computer working, on phone just now, so i can post the scan pic of my grandchild, as promised, baby Cook is due on the 9th of May :)

That will be a first for me sitting back before November :D :D bet it doesn't happen next year :D :D

Away to kick the computer again :D :D be back soon xxxx


Computer still playing up so this is the only way i could put the scan picture on :) xx


Wonderful picture of your 1st Grandchild Sue you must be so excited now you have seen him or her. It must seem more real for you now. Congratulations again xx


Thank you Kazz, it does make it more real, it did for my daughter as well, she's a lot more excited now :)

hope you've had a nice lazy day and not had any cravings showing there ugly face :) xx


Hi all, flippin late again :X :X but what the heck !! its the weekend yippee yippeeeeeeeee :) :D

Hmmmmm dosnt look very busy on here today, will catch up on the gos now, and get back :)

Sue you managed to get the scan pic on here then gal, nice one :) :)


Hi John, thats just great pal, nearly a month now :) :) and i know what you mean about them cravings :X cus they've bin givin me some hammer this week i tell you :( :(

Hi Andi, nice daily chat opening gal :) :) have you come back down to earth now then :o just thinking about all the ironing you will have to do now that your back, cus i know you love ironing :D :D

Jillygirl, i hope your well and fighting fit gal, and hope your nora battys aren't hurting you :( stay strong gal cus were all with you :) :)

Sue have you really about finished your xmas shopping gal ???? gosh i've only just started mine :o :| i've got your pressie of course :) :) ps you keep kicking your computer gal, cus its good for keeping them cravings away too :) :)

Hi Kaz, hey now that is what you call a spear gal =======> :) :) i just might borough that one :) :D

Hmmmmm nrt -- yes i'm wearing a patch, 25mg- 16hour one, plus i have a inhalator if needed. Thank you for your kind words gal :) :)

Rite am noddin now so will be going to bed myself, so good nite every one and luvs ya all xxxx :) :)


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