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Do you snack ? if so on what ??

Just a thought because i think we all snack, now that we have quit the dreaded weed!!!! I have been surfing the net, not recommended by the way, that water aint half cold i came across this site about snacking !! see what you think?!

How To Make Your Own Snack Box

The basic idea with this snack box is that it is the first thing you reach for when you feel peckish between meals, rather than reaching for that leftover piece of cake in the fridge, or grabbing something from the vending machine at work.

Your box should be filled with foods which you can quickly fix for yourself, but they should be healthy and tasty, too.

As I was thinking about how to put this into practice, I was inspired by the idea of the Japanese lunch box, or the bento box.

It is basically a lunch box which is divided into different sections.

To make your own bento-style snack box you will need a plastic container with a lid, such as a lunch box. Smaller tubs with lids to fit inside your box.

Basically, you want everything to be held tightly inside your box, without touching each other, so that they don’t flavor one another, or get mixed up.

If you intend to take your snack box to work, for example, you will need to make sure everything is secure with lids or plastic wrap, etc., before you travel.

Snack Box Contents

In your snack box you may like to include a selection of items, such as:

§ Fruit salad, whole fruits, or dried fruits

§ Vegetable crudites such as carrots, celery, peppers, also baby tomatoes

§ A healthy dip such as hummus or salsa

§ Hard boiled eggs

§ Hard cheese or cottage cheese

§ Lean meats such as ham, chicken, or turkey

§ A granola bar

§ Natural yogurt

§ Nuts and seeds

§ Wholegrain crackers

§ Dry wholegrain cereal

§ A small amount of dark chocolate

Having a snack box in your fridge would also be a great way to help your kids to eat healthier, too.

Try filling one box with perishables which stay in the fridge, and one with non-perishables to stay on your countertop.

That way your children can quickly grab both boxes and fix themselves a healthy snack anytime.

What do you think of this idea… would it work to help you eat healthier snacks throughout the day? What would you put inside your snack box?

By the way i have got a recipe for the granola bar, it sounds a bit yummy if anybody would like it, i will post it later

Pete :)

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Can snacking be healthy????

Yes I think it can!!!!

Asked by monky

10 May 2012

21 answers

Peas in the pod, you have to open the pod and pick the peas out, so you are using your hands and then you eat them, a lot healthier than choc

Pomegranates-- also known as the Chinese apple, just slice one in half, find a pin!! sit down to watch tv, and pick the seed out with the pin, again you are using your hands and snacking at the same time, pluuuuus Pomegranates are one of the richest fruits there are,jam packed with vits, a very good one for you Ladies is that it enhances the beauty and life of the skin.

Just a couple of my ideas, i'm sure you will have more, come and let us into you secret!!!!

Pete :)


10 May 2012


Having chopped veg at the ready such as carrots, peppers of all colours, cucumber etc and kept in the fridge can also help at those peckish times.

Or how about a few sticks of celery? Apparently, when eating celery - you burn off more calories digesting it than what is actually in it!

By Emjay :)


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