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Arghhhhhh heartburn

Hey guys hope all if well

Its 4 am and I've got the worst heart burn ever absolutely nothing is working and for yet another night it's keeping me awake. I got heartburn before I quit which I get stuff from the doctor for the always worked.but right now nothing's working.... Everything from eating to sleeping is now a nightmare its getting worse the longer my quit time

My doctors been saying for years quitting will improve my heartburn blah blah but this is just b****y horrendous!! I need to sleep..., even if I do have to do it sitting up!!

I'm reading heartburn can get worse while your quitting for between 3weeks to 3 months but should settle down .. So in theory I should have a couple weeks left.. !!

Has anyone else noticed this heartburn problem. ???

Also my chemist mentioned about an underlying problem with your stomach which is actually calmed by smoking..?? Apparently people only notice it when they quit as smoking has kept the symptoms at bay??!! Has anyone heard of that.

Anyway I'm going to attempt to go back to sleep..night all

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Hi Lisa -jane, Poor love I hope you managed to get some sleep. I used to suffer with heartburn like you, After complaining enough times to the doc he decided to send me for an endoscopy which revealed I had a hiatus hernia . Gave me some meds which i take one on a night and it doesnt bother me now. Occasionally if I eat anything fatty or too much acid type foods it plays me up. Go back to your doc and pester him, tell him your not sleeping because of it. Good luck and let us know how you get on. :)


Aup Lisa-Jane, God do i feel sorry for you gal :( :( erm i used to get it a lot at one time, but i found this web site, about it, and like Jillygirl says, perhaps some foods dont agree with you ?!

Like me i love cucumber :) but i found out that it was that causing my heartburn at night, so now i grow my own, there called - burpless tasty green - i can eat them untill they come out of my ears :D :D no heartburn :) :) just a thought gal :)

I will try and find that web site for you, and let you know.

Pete :)


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