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I Have been a smoker for around 7 years, started fairly young. 2016 was my time to get quitting.

I have not smoked for only just 2 weeks now, and been using an e-vapour device to keep me going (still smoking effectively but with e-cigi)

I had quit before for around 3 months around a year and a half ago, and had gain around three mouth ulcers and my gums where incredibly inflamed and sore. And only two weeks in it has occurred again but much worse than I last remembered. Just wanted to know if the two things link together? Or if anyone else has suffered the same problem?

Surely smoking should help prevent these problems not case them by stopping!? CONFUSED!

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  • don't know to be honest never had mouth ulcers I have used an E-Cig in the past and found them to be very good I will use it again when I start giving up next week was off them for 5 months and went back on them could it be the vapour in your E-CIG

  • Smoking suppresses things so when you stop they begin to show. Welcome to the group well that's what my dentist told me

  • Sorry was it the ecig that caused the ulcers that's never happened to me I still use my ecig must be the liquid

  • i am not sure if it was the Ecigi or the General stopping of normal cigarettes, sometime if my mouth comes into contact with the liquid it can burn a little but that rarely happens

  • I tryed the ecig that looks like normal cig and I got purple patches on my gums

  • I don't use the ones that look like normal cigarettes. i have bought one that is stainless Steele and costs where pricey but i save money in the long run - its called an COOL FIRE IV. deffo the best one i have tried!

  • I use the EVOD pencig now with bubble gum flavour liquid xx

  • bubblegum flavour is my favorite! x

  • I just use tobacco flavour liquid never had a problem with it so far xx

  • Aup Steph :)

    Try to keep your e-cig upright, this will prevent it from leaking :) cos the nicotine in it can be absorbed through your skin and can burn you :o

    Just a thought Steph :) :)

  • Hiya Steph and welcome to quit support😊

    Well done on making the decision to quit and 2 weeks is great, well done👍🏼

    It's very common to have mouth problems when quitting because our gums are literally renewing themselves from the damage we've inflicted on them😩

    I suffered badly too so know how painful this can be. Good news is your body is very good at healing but it takes a while. So corsydl mouthwash and very soft tooth brush will help in the meantime. Warm salt water rinses are good as well. This will pass I promise and is just a side effect. Hang in there coz you're doing great😊

  • Hi steph and welcome to quit support

    Well done on your 2 weeks quit..you are doing brilliantly

    Sadly mouth ulcers and sore/bleeding gums are a very common part of your body recovering.

    This will pass so hang in there . using a antiseptic mouth wash will ease it

    have a read of the info under the pinned posts as there some great reads on what to expect as your body recovers.

    Can you let us know your quit date so we can award you with a winners badge :) :)


  • Hi StephG9x, its lovely to have you with us :) and a big WELL DONE to ya for getting to 2 weeks quit :) :)

    Teeth and gums are a common symptom when quitting the smokes :o and takes different times for them to heal :o soo please be patient eh :) Perhaps get a softer tooth brush :) and try Corsodyl toothpaste, cos you can get this from your local supermarket or chemist :)

    As our lovely Glolin has said, if you would be so kind to give us the date you quit, then we can award you with a Winners badge :) :)

    See ya soon Steph :)

    Pete :)

  • I haven't smoked since the 3rd on Jan this year :)

  • That's common! You are doing great. Your mouth his healing and new fresh layers.

    Keep up the quit. It's so worth it!

    Good luck! You can do this.

    Wow! That quit looks awesome on you!


  • Hey Steph!! It is GOBSMACKING the amount of rubbish we have to suffer to get to the other side of quitting the dirty stuff. I suffered with the gums and teeth!! SOOOOOOOOO painful. I was the lucky one and got it about two weeks in for a couple of weeks then got another bout a bit later!!! I got a soft tooth brush and was gentle gentle!!! I can only imagine that its because all that gooey tar that clots up behind our teeth, the brown stuff, also finds its dirty way at the seem of our gums?????? It must seep in every where! so how long does it take to remove that gunk with out scraping? We gotta be patient with our bodies as it frees itself of the nasties! Makes it mentally torture for us, but it DOES GO :-) Its got to be better than smoking....

  • hey Jaglan....6 months now....that is just awesome :) :)

  • Gettin there glolin !! 😎😇 if it wasn't for reading others were feeling WORSE than I was and getting a pep talk and pat on back from you guys, I'm not sure I woulda made it this far!!!!! But I have!!! And I'm still telling Nic to DO ONE!!!! Xxxx

  • Definitely !!!

  • I am so glad I am not the only one :) Thanks for your advice on this. I was pretty sure it was linked to the stopping - I hope it feels better over time

  • Hi Steph and welcome 😊

    Two weeks is fantastic hun 👍 Stay strong and keep up the good work, if you need anything just holler coz there's normally someone about 😃😃

  • Good morning Steph☕️☕️

    When I quit , in the first month , my teeth ached and the roof of my mouth was peeling...... It freaked me out...... But thank God for the people on this site..... They reassured me my body was repairing itself and they were right..... Congrats for quitting💐

    Keep the reason you quit close

    Arizona x

  • Hi, well done on your quit. I believe that mouth ulcers are common after quitting. I believe that it's your mouths way of eliminating the bad carbon monoxide poisoning delivered via cigarettes. It's a sign of healing. I had a very itchy, tickly throat and pain in roof of my mouth for the first 11 weeks and an awful awful taste in my mouth. Luckily this has passed. I am 17 weeks on ecig, though I still get the odd craving, nothing would cause me to smoke again & relive those first few weeks of quitting. Kept up the good work, it only gets better😉

  • Hi Steph and welcome! Congratulations on 2 weeks, that's awesome. :-)

    Sorry to hear about the mouth ulcers. I can't really advise because that hasn't happened to me, but I see others have posted what seems good advice, like warm salt water rinses bad antiseptic rinses. I quit a month ago and I use a vapourizer, or ecig (don't like to call them cogs because you're not smoking, you're vaping). Good job on choosing a better device - those that try to emulate cigs are very disappointing, in my opinion. Have you tried propylene glycol free eliquids? Some people don't tolerate PG and fir those there are all vegetable glycerin (VG) liquids. Maybe worth a try?

    Keep us posted on your progresses and carry on being awesome because you make great choices. :-)

  • Thank you all for your advise and motivation :) I am still going strong any hopefully wont ever go back ! :) I will give the mouth washes and warm sault a try and hopefully it will do the trick - all this smoking has also left me with lots more money so booked a nice holiday - I feel good !

  • salt *

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