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From A Smoker To A Triathlete.... An inspirational tale

From A Smoker To A Triathlete.... An inspirational tale

Meet Michael Barnett,

Michael gave up smoking earlier this year and then decided to to embark on a journey of raising his fitness levels and becoming a triathlete.

Here's how his blog begins;

"Early in 2012 I decided to give up smoking as I wasn't enjoying it anymore.

After I had made that momentous decision, I then decided to set myself a challenge.

Given my swimming background and the fact I could ride a bike. A triathlon seemed like a fitting challenge. One problem I am awful at running.

This blog will be detailing my journey from smoker to triathlete.

So far I have signed up for two triathlons in 2012.

The Hatfield triathlon which I am using as to gain experience. This is set for July 29th

The London triathlon which I am completing for Cancer Research. This is set for September 23rd.

I hope you enjoy this blog."

To continue to follow Michael in his journey so far, please click on the following link;


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What a brilliant man. just shows what you can do if you put your mind to it. Not read all the link will go back and read it later.


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