The pooches!!

The pooches!!

the middle sized dog is Missy,whos a 7 year old staffy..We have had her since 15 weeks when someone was prepared to put her down as they didn't want her. Shes the boss lady of the crew a big old softie who likes to spend most of the day sleeping!!

the teeny tiny pooch is Prince Jubi and hes a 2 year old chorkie...hes the crazy one out the bunch he never stops.. he torments everyone and everything and is generally a bit of a yob!!

and out latest edition, although I dont know how long for is Tyson AKA Tyse (i dont think his name helps his looks). Tyse is a staffy cross bull mastiff and is 7 months old!! My son rescued him 3 weeks ago from a young lad who kept him in the garden and fed him through a fence.despite this hes such a lovely dog a huge softie who walks around oblivious of his size..knocking things over including me. hes training very well infact in the first week we got him to sit,stand stay and lay on command and hes now learning my hand signals like the other two so that I dont always have to talk to them.

without stopping smoking I couldnt have afforded to rescue Tyse, and what better motivation to give up smoking than those big old hazel eyes!!!

so there you go.. the 3 Musketeers

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  • OH WOW ! what beauties . I knew it I love the crazy one. just like me. ha ha. . :D

    They really are super dogs .

  • Very cute, we all love our animals in here ;-)

  • jilly hes a whirlwind of madness wrapped in fur!!!

  • OH I`m not wrapped in fur apart from that yeah probably alike. :D

  • Oh Lisa-Jane, they are absolutely gorgeous. I want Tyse :-) I love the attitude filled smile on Prince Jubi and I've always got a soft spot for Staffies anyway, so I'm loving Missy too, looks like she's got a cracking pair of listeners :-)

  • lol EmJay she has the biggest ears ever.. everyone comments on them!!

  • Hi Lisa-Jane, they just look gorgeous gal, they look a cheeky crew as well :D we always had a dog at my mum and dads, i can remember we had a welsh collie who's name was chips, cus he just went mad for chips, used to get him drunk, as in tipping some lager into his water bowl, he loved that as well. Think he lived to about 15.

    Enjoy gal you enjoy :) :)

    Pete :)

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