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Hi I'm in the process of getting strength to stop..I have had enough and am so fed up with smoking..I'm just very aware that my weight will probably increase and I dont like that idea ..but more than that I fear failiure,of not being able to fight the cravings even with nrt..I want this quit to be my last !! How have you dealt with those very strong niggling cravings and irritableness.I really am almost at the point of doing it..i have my nrt ready,my books,signed up to here and am seeing gp stop session on Thursday eve. I just dont think I could handle failing,so want to be fully loaded so to speak.

Any advice would be appreciated...thank you Jan

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Hiya Jan, Andi here. I think the best place to help you is here. You sound like you're pretty well prepared and have been through the process before - which is a lot more than I ever did. I think joining this community and sharing all you highs and lows (as well as a load of old rubblsh at times! :o ) with the rest of us could well be the missing piece of your jigsaw. :)

When I quit (on the 2nd May) I knew that I only ever wanted to do it once and only on cold turkey. On the whole I've done very well but I'm sure I wouldn't have managed it without all the help of the others on here. :)

Welcome aboard and jump right in! :D :D



Hi and welcome Jan

I’m sure you will get lots of friendly advice and support from everyone on here; they’re all at different stages in their quits and have experienced many different feelings and worries. Firstly well done on joining us, you’ve made the first positive step to quitting smoking :-D

You’ve given me a lot to think about here, so let’s get to it….

Can I ask the reasons for wanting to quit smoking?

How many times have you tried to quit before and what are the reasons for relapsing?

I know I am asking personal questions, but this may help us understand where you are struggling and what products (if any) you have used before and also how we can try and avoid it this time.

This is a fresh quit and we can use the others as a practice for the ‘real’ quit. There are lots of products available to help you with quitting smoking and your Stop Smoking Advisor will explain all these to you, however you there is a link on here which might be useful ;-) quitsupport.healthunlocked....

Please please try and keep positive and take each day at a time, in relation to cravings have a little look at this ? quitsupport.healthunlocked....

In relation to weight gain; think about planning your day, prepare fruit and veg to pick at instead of raiding your biscuit tin or try frozen grapes! I’m sure there are others on here with other suggestions.

Well done again, we will help you through this ;-D


Me again ;-)

Have a little look at this link too quitsupport.healthunlocked....


HI Jan, Jarvo and andi have said it all. but I am Jillygirl and pleased to meet you. I`m the daft one in the bunch. Please join our community I am sure you will find it a very big help.

Best thing I did to help me stay focused. :)


Hey Jan, welcome to our happy little place :-)

I think everybody has said it all really. You seem to be quite organised and just by doing one of the following, you are 4 more times more likely to stay quit; by accessing your local stop smoking service, popping on here, reading books and staying positive. So by doing more than one of them, you are definitely increasing your chances :-)

Have a good nosie through everything and let us know how you are afterwards :-)

Together we really can do this :-)


Hi Jarvo and all and thank you :)

My reasons for stopping are all about me ..yes selfish(but i believe thats good) ..I'm fed up with it ,fed up with it taking up my time,making me feel the need for it,tired of its control,I dont like me doing it any more..I dont want to be an old lady with a roll up in her mouth In the last year. I have been medically retired due to a fall that has caused nerve pain that affects how physical i am and the year before i lost my mother and had to deal with my then 17 year old son becoming a dad..all very stressful and life changing and i have noticed how much i am smoking,about 20 a day(roll ups) when i worked i didnt notice it so much and dont think it was as many..any way I am just so fed up with its hold on me and seeing the picture of me as an old lady !!!


Hey Jan,

it sounds as though you have the right mindset to getting started and ready for Thursday :-)

Have a read through the following blog and see what part f smoking you actually enjoy:


I hope it helps you to understand a little bit more of your smoking habit.

Whilst using NRT will help with the physiological side, it really is very much important that you work on the psychological aspects f stopping smoking, we can help you with that part too. Also, if you keep us up to date on what your stop smoking advisor says, we'll give you additional support on top of that :-) the more help you take, the more successful you are likely to be :-)

We'll help get you to where you want to be :-)


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