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Just a quicki for you snackers,

I've finished an experiment --

Pistachios-- i have ate a 230gm bag of pistachios, and saved all the shells, weighed them, and !!!! they weighed 120gm.

which means, that i only ate 110gms of actual nuts :) :)

Roasted Peanuts in shells---- i have ate a 400gm bag , and again i have saved the shells, which added upto 175gm !! :)

So you see that snackin on nuts, isnt so bad after allllllll

Pete :)

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Soooo, on the pistachios you ate about 640grams and probably a similar amount on the monkey nuts.

Now did you eat them all in one sitting or did you eat them at the rate of about 1 or 2 handfuls at a time?

Apart from all that, a great experiment and like I always say - everything in moderation. :)


Andi i havnt got a clue what your on about !!!!! 640gm where did you get that from?????


Sorry, I meant to say calories. :o


how about this I got a packet of nuts and raisins, just looked now and hubby eating all the nuts and left me the raisins. :O Prefer the nuts . gonna hide them next time.


Best not to bother getting the mixed nuts and raisins next time - if no-one's keen on the raisins it's not really cheaper in the long run. (If some-one wants raisins, why don't you just get them out of your baking cupboard?) :D :D


I would have done , but he got them not me. Anyway when I said I dont like loads of raisins , he replied " I know but I like them" I give up . Men! :X


Jillygirl -- you been drinkin????

Is this what your saying, -- hubby bought you a pack of peanuts & raisins, he ate most of the nuts, but didnt eat the raisins !!

Perhaps the poor man is hungry!!!! :D :D


I doooooooo :D


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