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What have you spent your saved money on since stopping smoking?

Over the past couple of months, some of you have been chatting about the things that you have bought with the money that you have saved since stopping smoking.

I thought this might be the ideal place to tell about those purchases or savings with other members and hopefully inspire others to quit.

:-) Chickles: Quit in September Has paid for daughters extra Chemistry/Biology tuition and is saving for dental implants for herself :-)

:-) Kazzachoc: Quit in October So far has saved £780 Has bought a Laptop and Kindle Paperwhite :-)

:-) Orkneysara: Quit in January Is going to save for a family holiday :-)

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I gave up smoking in October and have saved around £780.00. I did total it up at the beginning but then stopped so I'm quite shocked to see how much I have saved in such a short time. I have spend my money (well some of it) on a new Laptop computer and a Kindle Paperwhite and that still leaves me with £200 over :)

The thing about buying these things is that they are going to last me for a number of years but if I'd used the money for smoking I would have absolutely nothing to show for it... well other than breathlessness, stinking of fags, yellow nails etc :)


I have not spent anything YET because it's not even been a week yet (nearly though) but I am going to take my £45 out of the bank a/c and put it in my pickled egg jar that Im filling up for holiday money, if we manage to get a holiday this year that is.


I haven't noticed what I've saved, but what I haven't spent, if that makes sense. My bank account got some real hammer at Christmas, and I got my first bank statement of the year last week and had a lot more than I thought I would. I was forever going to the cash point to withdraw money and now I'm a bit like royalty- don't carry it :) lol

I do have a tin that I put my pound coins and change in, which includes notes. It's amazing how much it mounts up. I have paid for my daughter's additional chemistry and biology tuition out of my no smoking money, which is £30 per hour, and at one point she was having 8 lessons a month! Fortunately, she has finished her January exams (apart from 3 maths this week), so her private tuition is resuming in April. She is on track to get the grades she needs for University, phew! She is working very hard and the cost has been well worth it.


Oh and I'm saving up for a couple of dental implants!


Ooooh lots of good stuff there so far :-) Well done to you all :-)

I've tried to create something similar to our 'Wall of Winners'.

Hopefully by seeing what you have saved so far or can save for will keep you inspired to stay quit.

See what you think :-/


that wall of winners money thing is a good idea EmJay


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