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Cough cough cough!!!

I've had a really easy quit compared to many of you and not had many withdrawal symptoms except for my weird dreams and spotty face which have both seemed to have stopped! Trouble is the cough has just started just as I 'm going into my 12th week, Thought this was supposed to start at around 3 weeks and finish at about 10 weeks! I'm not coughing anything up it's just a dry deep bark which really hurts my chest!

Anyone else experienced this at this stage? I have stopped taking the mini lozenges now so maybe it could be this?

Andi xxx

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Aup Andi, i had the cough but early on, as its your body getting rid of all the erm mush, that you get when you smoke!!

12 weeks thats just great it really is, are you with a doctor or nurse with your quitting program??

Erm myself Andi, i think i would see your doc, just to be on the safe side, then he could put your mind at rest, :) :)

I'm not sure whether i've helped you or not, but good luck, and i hope everything works out ok, speak soon :)

Pete :)


Hi Pete

Thanks for that! No I've done this all by myself and by reading the comments on here! :)

Maybe I've got a chest infection but because I don't feel rough ( like I used to when I smoked and got chest infections) I'm thinking it's just a side effect of not smoking!!!

Will take your advice and give the doc a call tomorrow! :)

Cheers and keep up making everyone smile:)

andi xx


Hi Andi1965

You're doing brilliantly, but as Pete says it might be worth getting checked out by your G.P. It could be a chest infection, theres alsorts going around at the minute, usually a cough can start early on but for peace of mind get checked.

Look after yourself.


Thanks for this guys. Went to the docs and have got a load of gunge stuck at the bottom of my lungs which the coughing can't move by itself so have been given extremely strong antibiotics to loosen it!

No running for me this week:(


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