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Just been reading a good book called The Opium Eater, its about 16th century England and its a true story. Half the population were addicted to Opuim from rich to poor, from Royalty to beggers, its amazing. Poor were using it to stave off hunger as it was cheaper than food, Rich were using it for pleasure. So here we are 300 years on and half the world probably are addicted to Cigarettes, I wonder is it Karma this addiction problem, is it our genes, ha ha. I also have seen people prefer to use there last few pounds on cigarettes rather than food.

Have a lovely (ciggy free) day,


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hi mad, its amazing how things like opium and drugs are passed on every generation. May be in another hundred years we may be tobacco free. At least we are all on the right track now. It is getting to be a minority that smoke now. What I cant understand is why the government are sympathetic to drug users, but regard smoking as different. Surely smokers need help and support too. Anyway at least on this site we support and help each other.

ps. did you get the book from the library or bookshop. sounds very interesting.



Have you got a Kindle? if you have I downloaded it free from Amazon. Yippee a freebie.


thanks mad, Not got kindle but my daughter has. Will ask her.

Cheers for that.

have a good day. Jillygirl.


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