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Good morning everyone.

I hope you are all well and coping with your no smoking routine.

Those of you who are new to the site, you may find the following

information interesting.

FACTS ABOUT SMOKING taken from an american web site.

Scientists claim the average smoker will lose 14 years of their life due to smoking.

Cigarettes contain more than 4000 ingredients which when burned produce over 200 `compound` chemicals. Many of these `compounds` have been linked to lung damage.

Approximately 20% of a cigarette is sugar. Many diabetics are unaware of this secret sugar intake.

The immune system of smokers has to work harder every day, than that of non smokers.

According to the World health organisation approximately 25% of cigarettes are smuggled.

`Lite`(lights) cigarettes are produced by infusing tobacco with CO2 and superheating it until it puffs up like expanding foam. The expanded tobacco then fills the same paper tube as regular tobacco.

Cigarettes contain arsenic, formaldehyde, lead, hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia and 43 known carcinogens.

Urea, a chemical compound that is a major component in urine, is used to add flavour to cigarettes.

Nicotine reaches the brain within 10 seconds after smoke is inhaled. It has been found in every part of the body and in breast milk.

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Good morning Jilly and everyone.

Weather's rubbish yet again. I'm really getting stir-crazy now and it's at times like these when you almost wished that you went out to work. :o :D :D I want to get out a bit later and try and get some pics of the floods.

Emjay - SE-VEN!!! ;-) :D :D

Hidden in reply to andi22

Least its winter, the weather's supposed to be rubbish. Keeps raining here too but managed to get out yet again at 8.30 this morning and walked just over 3 miles today. :) The weather you're having at the moment is pretty much like our average summer!

EmJayFounder Quit Support

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening Everyone :D

The sun is now shining brightly here, I have had to pull the blinds across. Tomorrow I may even bring in my sunglasses 8-)

Lots to catch up on as I wasn't around last night and so missed out on loads it seems.

JillyGirl, some good facts there. Two facts that stick in my mind are; 1. that 50% of those who smoke will die of a smoking related disease. - No matter where you live in the world. 2. Stopping smoking is the single most important thing that you can do for your health.

Andi: Seven: Back of the net! :-)

Since giving up I've been back playing my guitar to help me though some cravings!

Wrong song choice to learn!

Snow patrol - Run...

If anybody knows the lyrics you will know what I mean. ..:-)

jillygirlAdministrator in reply to MMoo


MMoo in reply to jillygirl

Haha awesome Jilly.

Light up light up....

No thanks. I don't smoke :-)


Is anyone watching Weight Loss Ward on ITV? Bugs me. They're always making programs about obese people losing weight, when was the last time they made a program about us poor smokers trying to give up smoking? It's time those who don't smoke and never have realised just how hard it is. I remember when I first stopped smoking and I was telling my hairdresser. She said "I've never smoked but I should imagine its got to be easier than dieting" Through gritted teeth I asked her what made her think that. "Well", she said, "if you smoke, you just stop! Whereas you've got to eat food, just less of it and the right kind, so its much more likely to be tempted to eat too much, whereas when you stop smoking all you've got to do is just not smoke and that's it" Grrrrrrrrrr, I was about 3 months in, the worst time. Just keep your big mouth shut I thought to myself, don't argue with her, you want your hair to look nice when you come out of here girl. Unbelievable. So people who have never smoked think its that simple - just stop. Hahahaha.

andi22 in reply to Hidden

Hear hear! Those people that have never smoked just don't have a clue do they. And no, I couldn't bring myself to watch that programme. To me it's a very simple solution and it's all in the maths. ;-)

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That made me laugh - you are so right was thinking exactly the same.

monkyAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Am with you and Andi, Sinfree, what a load of flippin crap !!!! Some people just havnt got a clue, have they :o

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