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Three months and so glad I quit!

I started a serious attempt to quit in February 2012 and havent smoked one single cigarette for six weeks now and thank goodness for I now have a cold! In the past I was always carted off to hospital with my breathing and ended up on steroids, antibiotics and oxygen - not to mention time off work! The last trip in there made my mind up - Im not smoking any more! With this cold THIS TIME - Yeah, I am a bit "chesty" but no problems with being carted off to hospital - touch wood! I will keep you posted! I am NEVER going back to being a smoker! I feel so much better! My breathing has improved, my skin is better, I have more energy and Ive even noticed the "age spots/liver spots" are beginning to disappear!

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Hi Jane, lovely to hear from you again :-) It is fantastice to know that you are feeling and noticing so many health benefits already. You are doing absolutely brilliant and I am really proud of you :-)


Aup Jane nice to see you again, you've done great!!!! gal and i admire you, keep at it and i hope your cold soon goes, because the SUMMER is near, so get that bi-kini washed ready!!!!

Pete :-)


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