6 months !!!

Good morning all. Hope you are all ok. Haven't been on for a while but read my posts daily. I cannot believe I haven't had a cig for a whole 6 months. I could have on many occasions, especially on holiday or at friends houses when having a drink. It's not an easy task to give up after 40 odd years of smoking but it gets easier. Its amazing how many people you see on the TV smoking and you think to yourself DONT DO IT!! so all you newbies on this site, if I can do it so can you. Have a brill day

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  • :D :D Congratulations to you! Reaching 6 months of living a smokefree lifestyle is something to be really proud about and quite rightly so :-)


    Take your right hand, put it over your left shoulder and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back ;-)

  • 6 months!!!!..thats awesome :) Keep up the great work

  • robynnola.com/ecards/images...

    Congratulations Wrighty on your fantastic 6 month quit :)

    Brilliant, well done :) x

  • Well done hun, keep up the good work x

  • Hi Wrighty, Huge Congrats on reaching 6 months quit :-) Here's to us being Healthier older ladies, :-)

  • Six months that's brilliant well done x

  • 6 months is absolutely awesome.You've done so well even with temptation in your way.You should be really proud.

  • WHOOHOO Wrighty, that's a fandoubleistic quit you've got going on there..... a massooosive well done to you :D :D

  • Way Hay Wrighty 6 Months quit, thats just soooooooooper gal :) :)

    You stick with it, do you hear me :)

  • whoo hoo....6 months, that's great. Well done. I have found the same...a few times have been really tough when having a drink....but got through each time :) xx

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