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im still going strong

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Jbamford26 Months Winner
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im still going strong. except ive been diagnosed with Asthma which i never had when i was smoking or maybe smoking was just masking it. i still get the taste of a ash tray in my mouth its disgusting.

7 Replies
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Hi Jb, it's always good to hear from you and just look at your 19 months badge!! Well done you! The cash isn't bad either...........................are you still investing in your programming stuff.

I'm sorry to hear about asthma,maybe you had it while you were smoking,you're certainly better off without the smokes now.

Look after yourself,keep in touch.🍀🚭💪xx

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Good going Jack and it’s great as always to hear from you xx

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Pretty sure that will eventually subside JB and so sorry to learn you’ve been d/x with asthma....what a bummer.....but hopefully, you’ve got it under control with inhalers etc. And 19 months? Woweee!! I’m curious what you’re going to do with that £887.39? Have you been squirrelling it away? Or is it just so good to know you didn’t spend it on fags? Much love, Poll x

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Hello Jack, lovely to hear from you. Its a shame about the asthma, however lots of smokers end up with it. Doctors tend to class anyone with breathing problems as asthmatic. My inhalers tend to help a lot. Well we are all looking forward to seeing your next project. I hope you keep on treating yourself with your savings. take care. xxx :)

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Good work on the staying off the fags.

Shame about the asthma. As everyone else has said, I'm sure not smoking will help keep symptoms down.

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Hi J, lovely to hear from you and 19 months smoke free, well done👏🏼👏🏼

Smoking masks many things unfortunately but hope the inhalers keep it under control for you. All the best xx

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Well, aren’t you doing well 😺.

It’s Sod’s law isn’t it,? you quit smoking to get healthy and sod it you get ill. I can relate to that.

Great to hear from you Jack and congratulations.

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