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initial hospital tests results (pre breath test & scan)


Hi everyone

I went to the hospital & had a letter back with the results of the initial hospital tests (which were carried out before I have the blood tests & breath tests & scan)

It mentions a more detailed diagnosis -but one thing that is a little comforting is that my doctor said there was no evidence of lung cancer (but thats only her opinion ) - the other tests will comfirm for sure either way( so Im going to remain concerned & sceptical)

Ive got to have an autoantibody screen & a farmers lungs precipitant -what's that & what's farmers lungs?

OMG I just googled it & there is a sentence that says Farmer's lung is a type of allergic pneumonia specifically associated with breathing air in areas of hay, grain or silage that are contaminated with various molds or heat-tolerant bacteria.

That scares me to hear Ive got pneumonia -although I go horseriding -I'm only around them for about an hour because I dont own one so dont need to do any mucking out or grooming or any other duties that involve being exposed to this sort of illness

Does anyone know -is it an ongoing condition like epilepsy/blood pressure etc or can this be cleared up after tests /medication etc & does it mean admittance to hospital because Ive got a big phobia of that -because Ive seen all of my family in hospital & Im the only one who has never experienced this & it frightens the hell out of me a thought that a doctor may say he/she wants to admit me

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Hi Sara it is good news they have ruled out cancer. :) Farmers lung I dont know much about , but I would think it should be managed or treated with medication . Try not to worry too much, I think if it was a hospital admittance they would probably have warned you by now.

Why dont you contact your own doctor who may shed some light on it. :) xxxx

Sara_2611 in reply to jillygirl

Hello Jillygirl

Thanks for the reply. It is only her opinion though --only the tests will reveal 100% for sure either way -but its a comforting start

Ive got to contact him next week for a pre hospital tests blood test which has to be done before the others are done so defo I'll have a talk with him about it

jillygirlAdministrator in reply to Sara_2611

We are here for you anytime. XXXX

Sara_2611 in reply to jillygirl

Aww thanks to you. Much love xx


Hi Sara, please don't panic. Farmers lung hasn't been confirmed yet, I believe it's quite rare and caused by old fashioned farming methods. Like stacking the straw/hay (vast quantities) by hand. XXX

Hello Tubby54

The nurse said to me that she thought t was an inflammation - all of this does concern me a lot because I've never had a "long period of time" lung disease -ever - I only get this when Ive had chest infections alongside a cold -but I've had no cold symptons

As I was saying to Jillygirl tha although I go horseriding I just have my lesson & then return home because I dont own a horse anymore so theres no reason to be involved with horse owning duties such as mucking out -grooming etc all of which expose you to farmers lung disease

Im surprised I didnt have this as a kid because from 10 years old upto the 90s I had my own horse & did all of the duties but was never exposed to this so maybe its been a long time delayed? -again I'll talk about this with my doctor

monkyAdministrator in reply to Sara_2611

Hi Sara :) as our lovely Tubby has said, farmers lung is what it says :o years ago, farmers combing the fields of barley-wheat etc breathing alllllllll the dust into their lungs :o cos there were no filter masks used !! Sooooo, please dont worry about that :) :)

Now a days, its all filtered- combines etc etc :)

I had pneumonia 18 months ago and I assure you, you will know if you had got it cos you cannot breath :o I now get the flue jab each winter :)

Nottobad in reply to monky

Monky Do you not get the pneumonia jab. That covers you for pneumonia or it should. I had my flu jab on Thursday.

monkyAdministrator in reply to Nottobad

I have COPD, plus I had flue :o this turned into pneumonia :o sooooo now I have to be careful if I get a cold :o

I was strictly reprimanded by my doctor for not going to see her before it got to bad :P :P but lov her really eh :D :D

Nottobad in reply to monky

Monky I too have COPD so I know what it is like I have been reprimanded by my gp a few times for not going sooner. I had pneumonia 2 years ago and had to be admitted to hospital. And that was after getting the pneumonia jab. But touch wood I have never had the flu. And I have been getting the flu jag since2006 when diagnosed with COPD.

Hi Sara I know it is easier said than done. But please try not to worry. Wait till you have a proper diagnosis. Then they will treat it with the right medication. I don’t know much about Farmers lung. So can’t help you with that. But I have a lung condition and have to be on inhalers for life. x

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