Last cigarette - thursday 27th February 2014 :-)

Hello everyone.

Am feeling a bit better today (Saturday 8th March) Evening time sometimes is the worse time for me to have a craving.

I may not have mentioned that I have Asthma - which I have had since childhood. This is one of the primary reasons for me wanting to remain off cigarettes. I know that smoking has been affecting my breathing lately. I know that is of vital importance to stop smoking. One of the positive side effects is I have not been having as many panic attacks. It seems that my addiction to nicotene was contributing to me having panic attacks. These can be debilitating and off-putting. Best wishes to you all.

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  • Yes me too, it is really really scary when you get very breathless, and get panicky about it, shocking! I have to say in the last few months I have hardly used my Ventolin inhalor, however doctor put me on a stronger preventer which seems to have really cracked it because I was sooo breathless once I stopped smoking, really weird that but we are all different I suppose. Good luck, your heart knows you have done the right thing for yourself, finding the courage is another story but you clearly have it, good luck. :)

  • oh my gosh. I think I need a stronger preventer. But the nurse I saw at my last asthma clinic read my breathing thing and didn't give me one. I am going to ask my doctor and be more persistent.

    thank you for your help! I hope you are still good too!

  • my asthma is still worse although I am not sure why. It probably would have been worse if I was still smoking and I know I am way to scared to smoke again.

  • Hey there Buttons.Well done on making one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.I also have asthma & I got worse after I stopped but don't use anything now.You have the right reason to quit & it seems that you also have commitment so go out there and see just how much better you're going to feel.Well Done on an awesome quit.

  • Well done buttons, the only way is up now. If you feel another panic attack coming on, just come and rant about it on here. You never know, it may take your mind off it and it go away of it's own accord. :)

  • It's lovely to see ya again Buttons, and a massive well done to you for reaching 10 days quit :) :)

    As you can see, there are a few of you that have Asthma problems on here, I myself have never suffered from that, so am not sure what to say really :o But reading through other peoples comments about it, I would try my very hardest to quit, and I mean that Buttons, cos things can only get better and better for you :) :) If you need a rant & rave, then you just come on here and shout :)

    See ya soon, Pete :)

  • Well done buttons onwards and upwards won't be long before your first badge appears now you are halfway there, love it when a plan comes together don't you. X

  • again thanks everybody. xxx

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