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Day 23 - Cold Turkey - Feeling tired and Little edgy

Hello Non Smokers,

This is day 23 for me as a non smoker . Have been feeling very tired since yesterday . Also lot of stress at work . I picked up a argument with my wife yesterday for no reason . I am usually a very calm person .

Though i have no intentions of smoking again , I fear of whats going to happen in the next coming days and how i am going to cope up with stress at work and home.

Any help to guide me please ?

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I quit for 6 months previously and after about 4 weeks ur moods should return to normal, maybe even less stressed and snappy. Keep going :) x

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Hi sekar

Have a look at the breathing exercises in pinned posts, they are really good for stress. As for the tiredness, it'll get better xxx

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Things should get better for you now. Look forward to your 1 month milestone. It s great.

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