Week 3 starts monday

well I decided it was time to give up yet again. So here we are starting week three . On the gum missing the fags . But still fighting it. My car smells nice even though it's still needs deep cleaning. It seems to be easy at the moment . started to hate the smell of other people smoking . Nothing worse then a reformed smoker.

Stopped for ten years and went back on them. God what a fool. Just found out I can get a script off the doctor to get my NRT for £8.50 better then the 13 quid I'm spending a week on it .

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  • I have been feeling the same way about the smell when ppl are smoking! It actually makes me feel ill. I hope I can continue being a reformed smoker:)

  • Hi Steglover1963, Welcome to Quit Support. Good for you on deciding to Quit. Its not always an easy journey but we are all here to help and support you the best way we can. We all have the same reason for being on here so your not on your own. You say its 3 weeks today from your quit date, thats fantastic start. I will assign you your badge and add your name to our wall of winners. You can then watch your progress. I make your quit date 6/2/17. Let me know if i am wrong.

    Once again well done. :) xx

  • 3 weeks steglover🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎂 awesome!! You're just about past the worst month!!!!

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