My anxiety is up a few notches because of this nasal congestion

I am a wreck right now, nasal congestion and I'm sure it has to deal with quitting, I am just worried it's COPD or Lung Cancer or something bad (feels like I can't breath) but I think maybe it's because I am focusing on it....  Tried seeing if anyone else has this at 5 weeks after quitting, just is miserable and I posted already about this and got a answer and thank you for the answer but they didn't say if it was normal at 5 weeks quit....  My anxiety is in high gear, trying to think happy thoughts but its not easy.....  Anyways I love you all and missed you all.....  I had a good weekend went back to my girlfriends place but today I'm just done......

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  • Had this for a long time an still occasionally get it, I take a anti histamine every day, helps me, but go get checked out by the doc or nurse, I did, just to rule out the nasty stuff, hope you feel better soon 

  • Glad to hear you have been seeing your GF again 😊 She definitely seems to help you 😊😊

    I sent you a response on your other post😊👍

  • hi AAG, yes I think this is normal five weeks or even five months in your quit. Some side effects last for a long time. And it is causing ur anxiety to worsen which will always make things seem worse. Good that ur spending time with your girlfriend hopefully she is reasuring you. You're doing brilliantly with ur quit time to start feeling pleased and proud. 😀

  • Hi AAG, Try not to worry too much, I think a lot of the problem is your too focused on the side effects of stopping smoking.   Any doubts you may have just have a word with your G.P. and put your mind at rest.   As for lung cancer  I very much doubt  if that is your problem , I have had lung cancer and my problem was a bad cough. I didnt know I had cancer  until it was spotted on an x ray.

    Your shortness of breath is probably still the effects of stopping smoking. Getting rid of mucus and clearing your lungs . Like I said  it might be worth a visit to your doctor. 

    Take care. xxx 

  • It sounds like your sinuses are clearing out. This is a good sign. Nasal sprays can take up to 2 weeks to kick in and not be used long term . However as others have said a quick visit to your ENT doctor should give you a reassuring answer. It is very common and just another side effect that we have to enjoy!!! Keep strong and focused. Steaming is brilliant too or a v. Hot shower.... not sure what your weather is like where you are. Currently v cold in UK so a hot shower is most welcome.

  • Update, I finally coughed up my first nasty stuff this morning....  Not sure if that means this is about to start coming out more but made me feel a little bit better now......

    I been debating about taking mucinex to help this process....  Not sure...  Haven't coughed since this morning when that first piece came up....  I hope more comes up here soon rather than later.....  

  • Hi AAG--Mucinex may help--Ive heard of people taking it--Don't get scared--Many people go thru this clearing out of lungs--It is more than likely just part of detoxifying --Funny how frightened we get over these quit symptoms  and we gambled many times a day with those killer smokes--Try to relax--you are going to be ok--You aren't going to be punished because you smoked --If you are to anxious go to Dr and take breathing tests--Some people need that reassurance too--All part of the journey--XX MmeT

  • Thanks....  I've heard yes and no on mucinex so I'm not sure yet.....

  • I never coughed up anything--got sick like a cold  right after quit--and still get periodical wheezing --I bet it gets better in a few weeks at most--MmeT

  • I hope so, no weezing or cough, just this one incident....  My nasal sinus are clogged as well, my mom said that it's cleaning and the hairs are coming back to life and pushing this stuff up.  

    I was worried about COPD, but my mom who is a RN said 30 year old male, 13 year smoker pack a day, still not enough and she's never seen it being a nurse for 40 years...  She said calm down, rest, drink water, the real nasty part is about to begin....

  • Hi again--Im a nurse too--not RN though LPN--anyway--yes a lot of changes to come--It surprised me how little info is out there about how this all works--The panic,the breathing,the to much sleep,not enough,nightmares,crying, coughing,wheezing,etc etc--Just a bunch of nastiness--They make it sound like it lasts for a week and it is over--6 months here and im still watching my mind and body go thru smoking related quit symptoms--It is not for the fainthearted that's for sure--Hugs,MmeT

  • Isn't that the truth, I been prescribed Paxil but I'm afraid to take it.....   I heard horror stories about it but also read great things, wonder if I start would I feel better in two weeks...

    I vowed to defeat anxiety without meds but I'm starting to give in, this battle just drains you and the meds are right infront of my face.

  • im terrified of SSRI's--I take 5 mg diazepam as needed for 29 years--But I know peeps on paxil--I just tried xoloft once and felt out of body--MmeT

  • Aup Guy :) yeah hopefully its time for your lungs to clear them selves out :) :) 

    Ermmm, am not quite sure what mucinex is :o but if your body has decided to start cleaning itself, then you wont need any of that :) 

    Guy, try to think, did you do anything different yesterday :o to perhaps bring this on :o did you exercise more ? did you walk more ? etc ? try to find out why you coughed up :) I know its not very nice :o but it will help you :) :)  

  • Mucinex breaks down mucus built up in your wind pipe and lungs,  I figure it might help jar some of this stuff lose.......

    I walked from my car to the doctors office, was all, about a block.  Not sure why it happened but I won't lie, I like knowing it's coming out.  I want more of it to come out.

  • AAG,musinex will definitely help that to happen if there is more to come up--Sounds like your body is doing some major housecleanin-Glad you are glad--xxx MmeT

  • I suggest visiting your Primary MD. I had a lot of congestion for a little over a year. She suggested nasal irrigation, which sounds disgusting, but really isn't and most importantly worked. I thought I was dying from COPD but was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, which is now gone. The congestion really helped me not go back to smoking. Stay hydrated. I drink about 80 cc's of water a day. Good luck! 🐷

  • Going through the same congestion issues. 3 months since i quit and still can hardly breathe through nose and ears are always clogged

  • Go to your Primary. They will help you. Good Luck.

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