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Am tired of my poor well of quitting this cigarette !!!!

I started smoking when i was 24, and since the day i started i couldnt stop even for one day, i used to smoke one cigarette per day, now it' one packet daily.

sometimes i feel frustrated and whenever i stat searching on the net and gets really motivated to stop, the next day the first thing i do after breakfast is to light a cigarette.

i tried Nicotine patches, but i felt nothing, and smoked with the same frequency.

the Nicotine shwingum tastes horrible and as long as i tried it i smoked right after.

i have seen an article about hypnosis power to stop this bad habit and i booked 5 sessions with a therapist but again, as long as i leave the two hours sessions i smoke (i love smoking while driving).

The electronic cigarette was a good option, it helped me smoke less, now am trying to reduce to 10 cigarettes per day (i have heart issues and the doctor has told me many times to stop or at least reduce it). recently i noticed that my hands and legs are shaking, but i dont know if this related to smoking.

I think my problem is that i like smoking more than quitting it, and as what the therapist told me that i dont care about my health.

Does someone had the same experience? is someone having an advice for me?

PS: this is the first time am talking about this in a group and this feels really good :) thanks to who ever created this forum.


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Hi Sophie and welcome to quit support.

Finding this site suggests that you do really want to quit smoking😀😀😀

Quitting smoking is the single best thing that you can do for your future health.

We are all different in what works best to help us quit and stay quit, there is no right or wrong way.

I don't think I would have got to where I am today if it wasn't for the support of this forum. Especially knowing that everyone here is on the same goal of quitting and staying quit.

Have. Read of the info under the topic headings on the right hand side of the page and read other members stories as you may find this helpful in staying motivated.

Write down a list of why you want to quit as well as what you see as being for smoking and against smoking. Use this to help you plan your quit.

It is very doable, we have a wee mantra that we use. NOPE Not One Puff Ever 👍👍

you can do this 😀😀😀 let us know how your doing 😀😀


Hi Sophie. Lovely to see you joining our friendly community. Like Linda says go into my quit story on the right of the page. My story comes under the title of thank you quit support. I am just getting over my second cancer operation, and wouldn't wish it on anyone. Bathe way it's over 3 years since I quit smoking. Please just shout out for help, one of us will be there for you. Xx


Hi Sophie 😊

Great advice from Linda and Jilly, only thing I'll add is if you've not already read Allen Carr easway to stop smoking. Hard to believe a book can magically stop you smoking but it helped me stop and countless others😀

Good luck Sophie, you can do it



Hiya Sophie and welcome to quit support 😊

The lovely ladies have given you some good advice already and all I can add is, I wouldn't have made it without this help. Stay close to this site and we can help you as well. It's not easy but it's really worth it. You can do it too👍🏼🚭😊x


Hi Sophie, you mentioned you have heart problems. Check with your doctor about the shaking in your hands and legs. I had some medication when I had my heart attack over a year ago. At the time I was on some tablets (ticagrellor) don't know if that is spelt right. which made my hands and legs shake. Once I came off them I was fine that . xx


Hi Sophie and welcome 😊😊 you have had some great advice from the ladies....😊

Not sure what country you are in??? If it's the UK then I suggest you see a stop smoking nurse....you can get nicotine replacement therapies cheap also if your suitable then maybe you need to try champix.... WHATEVER you decide we will be here to support you 😊

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Hi Sophie1987 a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) :)

I see you've had loads of great advice already, from some of our lovely members :) :)

Right Sophie, am going to ask you a question now, DO YOU WANT TO QUIT ????? I ask you this question, cos when I first joined this forum, I kept relapsing :o and a lovely Lady called Emjay, asked me the same question :o She told me to sit myself down and write down the WHY's I like smoking !!, then write down the WHY's I want to quit smoking !! She said the why's I want to quit smoking will be a whole lot longer than the why's I want to smoke :o She was spot on :) :) I then had to ask myself, '' do I want to quit ' ?? really quit I mean ?? my answer to that was YES, YES, YES, :) :)

She also advised me to make a quit plan, to which I did :) and I tell you, that came in handy on more than 1 occasion :) :) but most of all, it was chatting and having a laugh with all these lovely members on here that helped me the most :) :)

Sophie, you have to get your mind into gear :) make a plan :) if you look to the right of your post, you will see TOPICS, go down to ''quit smoking plan '' and have a look through there please :)

A quit smoking plan is all to do with helping you to get through the hard times of your quit :) like, you say, the first thing you do after breakfast is light up :o Well, try to change that :) I dont know whether you have breakfast at home or when you get to work, but please try to change that routine :) cos although nicotine is a very strong addictive drug :o we also have to combat the habit toooo :o :| Why not try having your breakfast in a cafe :o, then you wouldnt be able to have a cig would you :) :)

Just try to put your mind in a different view :) if you see what I mean :)

Sophie, please dont go half cocked at it, put your flippin foot down and gooooo for it gal :) :) believe in yourself :) stay positive :) and keep focused to where you want to be :) and that is smoke free :) :) you CAN do this Sophie :) :)

Take care gal and good luck :) :)


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