A new freedom

Another win today!! I took a little risk and tested the water by joining a group of friends while they all lit up. Surprisingly i was able to stand with this group of friends while they filled up with tar and toxins and didnt have the slightest urge to participate in what i used to think was fun. Instead  i realized that I'm the lucky one and that any one of these people would do anything to be standing in my shoes and have so far escaped for 10 days from the clutches of that horrible addiction. Bye bye nic im done with you I've got living to do and many more years to live since i left you!! Lovely isn't it? Thanks for reading. 👍👍#winning 

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  • Well done you😀😀 that was pretty brave after 10 days..but it did show you how with the determination to succeed..you can do anything 😉😉

  • Wow Sandra that's really good going.... Sometimes you just got to throw yourself in at the deep end and get on with it 😊👍

  • Oh... Love your post 👍🏻🌸🌷🌹🌸🌷🌹

  • Congrats on your 10 day win!!  Keep going strong!!  I've been testing the waters a bit myself, I find that whenever my boyfriend lights up, that is a huge trigger for me still and I find after we have dinner i'll say do you want to head outside?  he'll give me a funny look..and I say, well do you?  don't you want to smoke and i'll do the dishes?  it's such a habit to ask him, that's a major thing we had always done together, we met on a smoke break.

    keep up the good work!

  • Carrissa I honestly have to commend you or anyone living with a smoker and quitting--I don't envy your position--I cant even imagine--I would feel such peer pressure too and then the thing where you are used to smoking together- and seeing it  especially after meals-? Heavens!! God Bless you girl--You are a rock and a great example of a dedicated quitter!!  xxx MmeT

  • Well done Sandra, you're very brave coz I couldn't even look at hubby out the window smoking😫 Yes you are the lucky one and with your great attitude, you're a winner🚭 great job👍🏼😊

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