So excited about my new motivational tool- check this out AndrewS

So excited about my new motivational tool- check this out AndrewS

Hi all, had a great chat earlier with AndrewS about visual aids to keep off the cigs when the going gets tough. Inspired me to produce this spreadsheet which is so visual it hurts...:-) It shows real goals and what percentage of each goal I have not smoked. Fun and fab... can't wait to see the figures ticking over each day!!

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  • Have you tried the quit forever or smoke free app? It details both the health and financial benefits visually, it's helping me as I don't want to see my progress set back to 0% in terms of the health benefits.

  • i did try to get that app but wouldn't download to ipad and I don't have an android phone, don't know  how else i can get it, would it work on a laptop?

  • Blimey yeah that looks brilliant this will be a great motivational tool for you very visual I like it. You can easily see the savings add up here that would def help me. How's the first day going? Hope ur doing ok 😀

  • Doing OK Andrew, had a few pangs but the e-cig saw them off 😀

  • I think smokefree is available on Apple but not quit forever. Not sure if they'd work on a laptop. I'm now 100% for removal of carbon monoxide,pulse rate etc and I know just one cigarette would put me back to the start.

  • sounds great i will have to investigate further, thanks Traceypo

  • There are a range of thes tools from the app stores that you can download free on to your phone. Both apple and android have them . Another good visual to add to your armoury 👍👍

  • Hey there glolin, it's good to see a familiar face around the site. Are Monkey and jilly still about ?

  • They are indeed H as well as briar, lilymay and shanti😊

    Along with a few other golden oldies that pop in from time to time😊

  • Golden oldie, huh speak for yourself I'm only a spring duck😜😂

  • Lmao 😂😂 please don't make me laugh ..... 😷😂

  • Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy😊

  • 31 months👏👏👏👏 way to go yellowsnowdrop👍🏻💃🏿🎸🎻🎷🎤🎺

  • Love it and your living up to your name..... Tracker 😂😂

  • Fantastic Tracker :) loving the visual aid. :) x

  • Very impressive tracker👍🏼 I like it😊

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