So relieved!

I finally got an appointment to see a therapist over my anxiety attacks. I told her I quit smoking and the little "devil" (anxiety) creeped by into my life. She was so wonderfully nice🙂 I told her about this wonderful support group and she advised me to continue to use this site. Just said that where I live we have no resource for help other than a stupid quit line coach that wants you to rate your feelings and urges 1-10...but how dare you interrupt them with a question because they are reading from a script and can't answer important what do I do when I feel anxious or what do I do when I just want to stay in bed or cry or scream....they respond well unfortunately I can't help you with that...but blah blah blah....useless....well I am rambling 😏

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  • Yay!!!!...that is just sensational news Kimberly. SO happy for you :) :) :) 

    You will your ole self in no time at all and wealthier and smokefree...:) :) things are looking up for you xx

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Yeahh great news, don't rate the help line :( Rubbish , hopefully you will be back to your Los self :) hugs x

  • Good for you Kimberly 😊

  • Well done Kimberly and like you I've found that the 'official' support staff like your helpline or my stop smoking nurse aren't really much help as they tend to be non smokers who've never smoked! so can't understand all the crap we go through when we stop. Good that you've someone who can help you through and just remember NOPE :)

  • Great news Kimberly that you've got an appointment and she is nice, let us know how ya get on😊 

    We are always here for you🚭😊

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