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Quitting smoking and breathing

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WillowandSola32 Month Winner
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I’m a runner but this applies to anyone who walks or climbs stairs as well.

I run with music in my ears but sometimes they let me down and I run what we call ‘naked’ just me and the sounds around me.

The first time that happened I was shocked how loud I sounded, not just faster deeper breathing because I was running but loud wheezing whistling sounds coming out of me, I coughed too and coughed harder after a run, I kidded myself the running was off setting the damage the smoking did.

Today I ran 6k not fast but ran, after about one and a half kilometers my ear buds ran out of charge, I toyed with the idea of turning round but kept going and listened to the sounds around me, cars, children playing, dogs barking , oh and my breathing, steady because i was running slowly, and quite quiet!!! 😀😃😄

It just proves that smoking really does clog up your lungs and makes breathing harder.

Do yourself a favour and QUIT it’s hard in the early days but so worth it!

The Willow half of us smokes and I’d never judge or criticize but when I hear him cough and wheeze I think that used to be me and am proud I stuck it out

I paused briefly and took the photo on my run this morning

13 Replies
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Thanks for sharing another positive aspect of quitting. How lovely to be able to declare that you're a runner!🏃‍♀️

When I was still smoking I tried to convince myself that my breathing was normal. After 40 odd years of 2 packets a day I sincerely doubt that. Now I know how much my oxygen intake etc has improved, there's no more spluttering when I go to bed or get up, but at the time all these nasties were just everyday normality. We just get used to the nasties smoking brings.

Well done Sola, I'm sure that Willow will get there with time. You are quite right not to hassle him but be ready to support him when he decides to try again.🚭💪

N. O. P. E. NotOnePuffEver 🚭🚭🚭

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WillowandSola32 Month Winner in reply to TheTabbyCat

Thank you so much, he will make the decision when he’s ready

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monkyAdministrator in reply to WillowandSola

Yes Sola, it has to be Willows decision to stop, cos ya cant tell anybody to stop, they have to want to stop to do it :) :)

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Hi Sola, what a beautiful picture. It must be a pleasure seeing this when your out running.I have only just found room in my flat to put an exercise bike. I suffer with copd. and only having one lung I soon sound like puffing billy. However because the village we live in is very hilly, I decided to get an exercise bike. I have only had it a couple of weeks , but I must admit I am addicted to it. I try and do 5k every alternate day and 3k on other days. Although it will take a while to notice any difference, I have noticed my peak flow which is normally 250. has shot up to 300. This means my one lung is expanding even more.

They reckon that peak flow for women with 2 lungs should be 400. So I am pretty chuffed with that. 🙂✖✖

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monkyAdministrator in reply to jillygirl

Hey, Jillygirl, do ya get a sore bum when you've been on ya exercise bike, like ya do on a real one :o :o xx

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jillygirlAdministrator in reply to monky

🤣🤣😣Numb bum is more like it. I`ve seen you on a Sunday morning off down to the pub. >>>


Jillygirl on a bike.
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WillowandSola32 Month Winner

That’s awesome, well done your bike sounds good and so many buy them but only use them once. Most of my running is around a park but it’s good to stretch round the village and go a little way along the seafront

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Another great post Sola and a lovely pick :) :) I'm afraid the only time I run is if somebody wants some money !! but am thinking about it, I've tried a bike but that gives me a sore bum :o :D :D I have a rowing machine thats helped me alot in the past, I may get that dusted off and give it a try again eh :)

Keep up the running gal, cos its doing ya the world of good :) :) xx

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WillowandSola32 Month Winner in reply to monky

The quit smoking weight has slowed me down some but ive started shedding that now, longer runs are good I burned over 400 calories running today Enjoy your rowing machine, I used to love the one at the gym

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wonderful post, a true testimony of an ex-smoker. you're seeing changes now and am blessed to hear you made a right choice to quit.

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WillowandSola32 Month Winner in reply to Jiks

Thank you 😊

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Very inspiring post Sola, just love it👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😘

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WillowandSola32 Month Winner in reply to Briarwood


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