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Joined today - 41 days smoke free

Hi I just joined the group and look forward to being a part the quit support community

I quit cold turkey March 3, 2016 after smoking for over 30 yrs @ 15-20/day

I have tried to quit numerous times in the past but this time I am determined to be a non-smoker forever !

I am currently experiencing some depression and feel like crying off and on all day.  My energy level has dropped and I want to just sleep.  I hope this is just another phase of the process and it will soon go away.

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Hi there Debpenn, welcome to quit support.  This is a very friendly community and  we help each other on our quit journeys.  Lots of advice and tips  to be found ,in our topics section.

We also award badges  as you progress with the quit.  You will notice you have already got a 7 week badge. 

Well done on reaching 7 weeks.  Please keep us informed of your progress, and feel free to chat anytime.  

Feeling depressed tired and weepy is very common . Your body is adjusting  to the new regime.  I was exactly the same  when I first quit.  It does improve.  

Take care. xxxx


Thanks for the welcome.  I have been stopping by this site for the last few weeks and it has helped to see what is "common" when becoming a non-smoker.  Everytime I had a new experience, such as a smoking dream, I dropped by and there was a post from someone else having the same issue !  You don't know how wonderful it made me feel.  Not that someone else had the same issues, but the fact that it's normal and that I am not going crazy !

Thanks again

(I think I might have made mistake on time - tomorrow it will be 42 days or 6 weeks)


No problem. I shall rectify the badge.  I am soon  mixed up when it comes to dates etc.  :)  look forward to chatting again.  xx

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I agree with how valuable this support group/quit family are.

Many are like you (and me).. we lurked on the edge of the group looking to see if our symptoms and feelings where normal.. and so happy when we found someone else say "I had that to" and even happier when they said it would pass.

The support and advice you all give, helps more than the few who reply.. so thank you for all the help again. :-)


Welcome deb, and well done to you 7 weeks what an achivement , I too smoked 30 years , take one day at a time , all withdrawal symptoms  your feeling. Can't say how long as we are all different in our recovery stay strong and close to this site



Hi Deb and welcome to quit support.

Congratulations on you quit so far...you are doing brilliantly..Under the pinned posts you will see info on what to expect as your body adjusts to you be a non smoker...none of quit the same, but there are many common symptoms. 

The great thing is - even though it does get hard and we may question if it is ever going to get better or is even worth it.....well all of us that have been quit for some time will all tell you......Hang in there...because it does get better and it is so very worth it  - not only for your future health - your wallet will love you - non smoking friends really appreciate you....

Keep up the awesome quit you have going...if you have any questions..just ask away as there is generally someone about..we have members from all over the world which is awesome as this means if someone needs a bit of help or support or just a chat, someone is about - I myself am in Australia 


Congrats on your quit! My emotions are on a roller coaster still, I pray, and focus on my breathing to get me through

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Well done Debpen, you'll start feeling better the longer you progress, keep going it's so worth it !!!

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Good morning Deb and welcome💐

Depression and exhaustion were huge for me in the first 5 months .. Now I'm feeling free of the psychological dependence I had on smoking... You will get there too👍🏻

Just watch Mr Nic when you're ( HALT) hungry, angry, lonely, tired

We have a saying on site: Nope Not One Puff Ever....... ( no matter what)  I add😄😄

Best wishes from🇨🇦xx


It is a phase and it will get easier. You have just freed yourself from your slave master. Who forced you to drag on a little tube of paper packed full of chemicals and carcinogens  for 2 minutes, so that you would have to repeat it 20 times a day for no reason only to stop yourself craving the next one.

NOPE (not one puff ever) You are now a non smoker. Get gum patches mist spray, use as much as you want (not too much though). But don't be taken over again.

Jim x


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