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I've been 1 month without cigarettes and e cigarettes and I don't feel any better? I was expecting to feel healthier and look better but my skin has got worse and I am so achey and tired and anxious all the time, still getting shortness of breath and headaches and I've had all the tests I can, everything on paper is fine. Anyone else still feeling rubbish?! 

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Hi lana 

I am with you 100% i have got spots which I never have had, very anxious, pains in my muscles. Everyone has been great on here an they have all reassured me it's just the side effects of our body's trying to get back to how they were before smoking. But of course I still worry 🤔 What I do love an something that has stood out since I have given up is my hands an feet r so much warmer, I use to have cold hands an feet all the time an as soon as three days passed it felt like central heating had been switched on in them 😂😂😂 I'm sure you feel better soon, keep pushing through I'm sure these symptoms we r having will soon disappear.. 

Jo xxx


Hi There,

Congratulations on 1 month smoke free! 😀

The recovering process is sometimes discouraging and it does get a lot better!

Try being active put your self in shape drink a lot of water and eat greens. 

You will start seeing how great it is to live smoke free 😉

Hang in there! 


Congratulations Lana on your quit, you're doing brilliant😊

I was the same as you Lana, I expected to feel better sooner☹️ I think we often don't realise how much our bodies are going through. I can honestly say these side will pass, so please be patient with yourself. We are relearning how to cope with life without lighting up. This can make us anxious and that affects our breathing.

Water, water really is our best friend and may help the headaches. Happy to hear that all your tests were good. Try the breathing techniques when feeling anxious. You will get there, this is a journey and it's so worth it💐😊


I quit once before years ago.....  Let me promise you, it does get better, Don't light up in a dark moment.  Think of how far you have come.  Don't throw it all away over a bad day.  Who knows?  Maybe tomorrow will be better!!!

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I'm not as far along the quit journey as you, but I bet the symptoms are your body getting rid of all that built up stuff from the cigarettes.  I'm just over a week in and I've noticed my skin is breaking out and stuff.  If you have had tests and everything looks fine, I bet that it's just your body trying to get back to where it needs to be.  Get lots of rest and eat healthy and get lots of water and fluids, and it should help you get through this. :)

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Nobody can tell you when it will get better as you are unique and so is your quit. It is very hard but you must remember that you are an addict as am I and this type of addiction holds on so tight and will try everything to wean us back to our full addiction. I have suffered all of your symptoms and have cried like a baby at times but they have got better. I am nearly 4 months into my quit and still have good and bad days but my bad days are psychological now due to bloating but that is another story for another day lol Remember you have come a long way 🤗

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I think it is different for everyone love, which is frustrating, although im sure some of our members here will be able to relate to how your feeling. I felt better after about a month, and continue to feel better every day. Your time will come, dont stress, keep doing what your doing and you will be fine :) i believe in you! :D xxxxx 


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