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Day 9

I never completely realised how tough quitting would be.  I always had this belief that if I could get to day 3 or 4 I would be OK and once the physical addiction is done, the rest would sort of take care of itself, haha, yeah right! Even though it feels like I have the crazy cravings under control, the mood swings are horrible, not too mention the aches and pains. I thought I would actually feel better physically after one week, but today has been anything but pleasant. Even my eyeballs are aching! At least the intensity of the cravings have reduced. 

Mr Nic and I have been negotiating all weekend and he actually tried to convince me that I should try one cig to confirm how horrible it tastes, just to confirm I am doing the right thing. Funny how your brain is coming up with these crazy ideas, to get you to take that first puff. Like I read somewhere on this site, one puff away from 20 a day, so true. Thanks for whoever posted that, it has sort of become my own personal little rhyme.

And thanks again to you all for just being there, and keep up the good work!


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Hi ya , join the club, I know exactly how you feel , not easy at all . You have done fantastic and Well Done for not giving in over the weekend  :) you won the battle . I think the worst is you emotions, mood swings are awful, don't think I was easy to live with, but believe me it does get better. :) Stay strong you really are doing FANTASTIC xx


Well done tictac, think the weekends are always harder to get through but you did it👍🏼 another day, another victory👏🏼 emotionally it's a roller coaster so hang on tight and you'll get there, one day at a time. Be proud of yourself coz you're doing great🚭😊


Thanks!! 😬

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