Rehab your Lungs

Not 1 day goes by where I wish i had never started. Next yr, may b next yr. 5,10 15, 20yrs

Now I'm scarred 4 life with a self inflicted lung disease.Totally preventable. How I wish things could go back to normal.

Spend all day doing breathing excersizes and moving...I'm scared I will die young. Who knows what future will bring.With age, our lung function declines.Smoking has shortened it more. I guess I should b thank ful I did not get sick this year. Just air exchange issues.

Who knows whats going on with my lungs?? Air gets trapped. Can't get it in and can't get it out.

All I can say is stay positive and hope 4 a miracle each and every day.....

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  • Hey deeFB,

    Your 20 months inspires me greatly and your strength to cope with your health problems as well... Your sharing is helping people and Thankyou for that.,


  • Hi that's all we can do is to stay posative. I have COPD we just happen to be the unlucky ones who developed a lung disease. Have you been referred to pulmnory rehab they can help with your breathing I have been to 2 classes and found them very helpful. Stopping smoking will slow down the progression and you should live a long life. If you need any help with your lung problem HU have a site Brittish lung foundation I am a member and find it very helpful take care x

  • Yes, stopped going for the moment. Was hoping I would b getting better. It's like trying to lift a heay lid off a pot of boiling water. 3 things I struggle with:

    "BTW" Breath,Tired,Wt loss. I think I could b inches away from O2 dependency.

    Hope I am wrong.... I am so afraid to have another test . Fear of what they might find..4 yrs ago went to ER with GI problems. Found a kidney stone. Worked me up the wahhzooo. Doc sent me home with a stack of reports. He never addressed them w me.

    Well, I sat down one day and read what I could. All damaging stuff from smoking: osteo athro, hyperinflation,etc. Should ov stopped then....No not me... Ty 4 all ur support and care

    Keep me posted w any updates

  • I have a sneaky suspicion that will be the next step for me, my GP is considering sending me to a pulmonary specialist. I am in Canada, sounds like you folks in the UK have some great programs

  • Yes some parts are better than others. There are some people who have never seen a specialist in the uk.

  • I think they have better medical care--we In US sposed to have worse in developed countries--

  • Don't you have to pay out of packet for most of your health care?

  • Oh yeaaaaaaah‼️

  • Congratulations on 20 months and thank you for sharing!

  • you are staying positive despite your health problems so well done to you dee. Thankyou for sharing as this really does help others. You have done the very best thing by stopping and 20 months is a great achievement. Sending my best wishes to you💐😊

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