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Here again

Hi all

I gave up smoking 2 years ago and found this site extremely helpful.

Unfortunately I lapsed after 4 months and have been smoking ever since.

That was until 5 days ago. I'm here again. Is it really 2 years!

All those fags I've smoked. Yuk!

I'm using patches as before and I've got an ecig which I'm not keen on but just puff it now and again.

This time I'm going to do it.

Not one puff ever, but it is hard........

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Hi Teric,Yes it is hard--but you have some experience now--and know a little of what you are in for--I have an e cig too--rarely use it now--I did a slow taper with cigarettes over many months--I know hard to believe but I did--My biggest problem was fear--of what I was going to feel and almost like losing my identity--which I was-- This was the best route for me--though it takes tremendous discipline-Just don't let go this time--and if you do--be kind to yourself and dust yourself off and get goin again--In time you will make it--Hopefully this is it for you--I don't ever want to go thru this gain--EVER--You know how the site works and know it can work--Utilize it--Im still hangin on to it and the wonderful people here everyday--and unlike cigarettes they don't mind me loving &needing them and wont poison me and steal my breath like smokes did--Best wishes xxx MmeT


Hiya Teric, welcome back to quit support😊

Well done on making the decision to quit👍🏼 you know you can do it and let's help keep you on the right track. We all know how hard it can be☹️ but one day at a time and keep moving forward. Good luck and shout if ya need anything🍀😊


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