Am so weak :(

I got up today and put on my patch. I had a relapse over the weekend but was determined to stick with it as my reasons for wanting to stop are still at the forefront of my mind. I walked to the chemist to get an inhalator and had gum at the same time. I am on holiday this week and for some reason could not stop thinking about a smoke. So what did I do I went to the shop and I bought ten. I smoked one then thought to myself I didn't even enjoy it so why did I do it. I suspect the habit is what is hard to break as it cant be the nicotine addiction because I have a patch on. I am so annoyed with myself. I refuse to let this habit beat me!! I want to be fit and healthy and this habit goes against everything about me. I am health conscious and try to eat a sensible diet. I love fresh air and exercise and above all I am fanatical about hygiene both in my home and personally. A friend once said to me I am really surprised that you smoke because you are so fanatical in every way!! And then you go and light a fag up!! What is wrong with me? I cant afford it anymore and I am very worried about my health. I wish there was a magic switch. I guess this is what addiction does to you.

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  • Hi Wendy, you are far from weak! A weak person would have left this site thinking 'no-one will notice' and carried on smoking. You, however, have cracked on and come back here to say 'I will not let this beat me'. Well done you! Quitting smoking is tough and many of us have had at least one practice run before getting there so do not be hard on yourself. One day at a time, telling yourself N.O.P.E, believing in yourself as you are brilliant and you CAN do this!! Well done for getting back on there and doing it...You are after all your own magic button ๐Ÿ˜ x


    Hiya Wendy, just luv this quote and hope it helps๐Ÿ˜Š

    don't give in and don't give up, keep battling on hun๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Wendy, anyone truly weak would throw the towel and call it a day, and that is why we know you are strong and not weak. Because you are here, owning your relapse and seeking the support of those who understand you completely - we've all been there, one way or the other. Heck, I'm definitely not out of the woods, and you know what? If I relapse, I wish I have your strength to come here, declare it, and seek help.

    I'm quitting on Champix. Would that be an option for you? From my experience, it is a helping tool.

  • I tried champix but unfortunately I had really bad side effects and had to stop it. I have set up my inhalator for morning as tomorrow is a new day and I will be prepared! I will report back tomorrow evening with good news :)

  • Sorry to hear that Champix didn't work for you. I'll check back tomorrow for those good news. ;-)

  • For 1 thing Wendy, just please, please, CALM DOWN a bit gal :) :) the more the et up you get, the more worried you get, the less focus you have on your quit :o

    You need to have the right mind set :) you have to want to quit :) please try the breathing exercises in the Pinned posts, cos I know these helped me :) :)

    Am sending ya some warm sweetdreaming huggs to help you have a lovely nights sleep and get them batteries of your's charged up ready for tomorrow :) and just see what that brings eh :) :)

    I will be on here tomorrow evening and if its good news, then flippin GREAT :) :) if its bad news, then lets just sit down and have a think between us all eh :)

    Nity night gal :) :)

  • Hi Wendy ๐Ÿ˜Š

    It's okay...... You'll quit when you really want to....... Fear is my motivator..... Mr Nic is cunning....... He's always

  • Hi Wendy, how are you today? I hope those terrible cravings gave some rest in the last hours and that today is a better day! If not, we want to know about it just the same, because we will be cheering you up. Just to let you know in advance. :-)

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