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Need to quit smoking

Good Morning everyone, Thank you for allowing me to join. I keep telling myself I need to quit but to no avail I know what smoking does to your body-not good., I started smoking in 1993 have been since., I really want to quit I have patches just have on put it on it gives me a skin rash last time I used it I quit in 3 days., I have PTSD OCD so I am not sure that's why? I have asthma and a lot of allergies smoke is one of them, when I feel anxious I could smoke 1-1/2 packs a day I hate smoking I get a lot of bronchitis etc., I was around a lot of smoke this past weekend my asthma is off the wall., HELP

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Hi Yole, you came to the right place! Sounds like you are well motivated -- so coming up with a good plan is next. Lots of useful information in the "pinned posts" at the right-hand side of the web page. Also, links to further info. Consulting with a knowledgeable GP is of great value --- there are alternatives to patches and also meds like Champix. Find what works for you.

Keep in touch with the "winners" here at Quit Support -- that certainly helped me a lot. And all the Best! It may be tough at first but it will be more than worth it!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Yole. Welcome to the forum. Sounds like ur going thru it a bit. Sounds like quitting would be the right thing to do esp with asthma and being allergic to smoke. Sounds like ur allergic to the patches uv used as well. I think u need to discuss with ur GP as there could be issues around which NRT u should use.

Other advice would be read the ALLEN Carr easyway to stop smoking. Google it it is a free PDF.

Make a good quit plan - how to do it is pinned in the topics on the right.

Get support from a smoking cessation program.

Make good use of this site.

Sign up to the forums mantra NOPE. Not one puff ever it really does help.

Good luck, stay in touch with us and let us know how ur doing.



Hi Yule and a warm welcome to quit support

You have come to the right place to get support on your quit journey.

The others have given you some great advice.😀😀

We do have a great quit family who have all been where you are now in terms of being a smoker who wants to quit👍👍

The first few weeks can be tough, but is very doable - the NRT will help you through those tough times 😀😊

Set yourself a quit date and mentally prepare yourself for your quit journey. We are all here to encourage and support you 😀🚭

All the best of luck 😀😀😀



Hi Yole,and welcome

Quitting ain't easy BUT it Is the best you can do for your health and your wealth 😃

Make a plan and choose a quit date..... but maybe see a GP and choose a different NRT 😃

Good , luck and keep this site close by 😃😃


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